This is Zhari, singer who shines outside the borders her homeland of El salvador

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The 21-year-old Salvadoran artist is a promise of the urban pop genre in the country. With her captivating voice and sticky dances she has flauted thousands of people on the show she has introduced to.

In the constellation of the national music scene, a new star has been born to shine brightly and hypnotize with his light all those who discover his talent. This is Zhari, an emerging urban pop singer who with her captivating voice and emotional lyrics is marking an indelible mark on the hearts of her listeners.

Her life story makes it clear that she was born for music and, from a very young age she decided to follow the desires of her heart.

He has taken refuge in this artistic branch to heal some wounds from his adolescence and, at present, have reborn as the Phoenix bird: more powerful, safer and stronger.

Zhari, whose first name is Sara Solís, was born on March 11, 2003, in a full home and set with different musical genres. Her mother, Mayra de Solís, is a singer and dancer; and her father, Douglas Solís, has won break dance answers.

I come from a family that I do consider to be quite artistic, in the sense that my mom sings and is a dancer, my dad was still a dancer. He won national break dance answers. The music has been perched on the house. “I don’t think there’s any memory that I have with my family without music,” said the Salvadoran.

The memories of his childhood that are still stored in his memory are those in which he has enjoyed watching Mexican songs singing to his mom and aunts. You could hear so beautiful. From there I started to like singing, I’ve been a member.

At the age of three, her parents put her in ballet classes at the Morena Celarié Academy, but at the age of eight she decided to venture into rhythmic gymnastics, which led her to be a national federated in this sporting discipline, until a forced injury her to retire.

Studying in a Christian school she has been able to find herself and with it, what she’s wanted to be in her future, singer.

That’s where I started to find out what it was like to sing. At school they were always looking for people who wanted to snake at the events. And since I’ve always been a well-participatory person, I always said, me, me. In addition, in the church I had also had my first steps in the singing, being in front of the audience was beautiful,” he added.

At the age of 15 he had to move to Chile, where he managed to participate in a music answer. In that event he performed the song “Never enough” by Natalia Lafourcade. And there I’ve finished verifying that his true vocation was music. “I’m not like I was on stage singing,” he said.

Upon discovering his talent for singing, he has decided to take advantage of him and start uploading videos of singing in his Instagram stories, not knowing that through that platform he would start to form his fandom.

The public’s acceptance led her to draw inspiration to write and produces her first original song titled, “Tell Me,” which she released in 2022. In that year I have catapulted the one as one of the artists of the urban genre in the country.

This is how I have decided to venture into Salvadoran music, but with a different purpose than those of other singers: to seek to empower their followers and raise their self-esteem through the lyrics of his songs.

Following the support received for his projects, in November 2023 I released the EP “Lloriperreo,” made up of the themes “Star,” Tears, “Lloriperreo” and “Come on.”

Her music imbued with empowerment, sincerity and authenticity led her to be nominated for two consecutive years at Music Awards 503, winning in the fifth edition of Central American EP of the year for “Lloriperreo” and best urban pop song by “Vacío.”

His career hasn’t been easy

Although it is now well known for social networks and even outside the national borders, Zhari’s career as a dancer, singer and composers have not been easy, as it has been full of highs and lows.

His childhood and adolescence were marked by bullying and bullying. She said she lived in a bubble where she didn’t feel good and from which she managed to escape through music.

    “My adolescence was very complicated, because most of the time I felt good lonely, felt empty, I got carried away by the superficial. I was in places where I didn’t fit, where I wasn’t me. Then, when I wrote my song ‘Lloriperreo’ I unleashed a lot of those feelings”

    Zhari said

Over time, Zhari transformed his painful experiences into inspiration for his lyrics, so often many people healed painful moments.

I really enjoyed writing this EP, as I remembered how mistakes and problems, which at the time we feel like we’re going to drown, end up being solved sooner or later, leaving a teaching for the future. “I want to hug whoever is going through a breakup and in general they tell them that they are not alone, they are strong, they are stars,” he said,” Solís, 21.

Amid the darkness, the girl with torn eyes and sweet smile found a light in music to healing emotional wounds and brought a message of strength to all those who struggle with adversity.

“I want to embrace people who eat to feel this way, as I felt in my adolescence, because I know it’s not easy to be alone in full growth,” he said.


Zhari’s career is going uphill. His songs resonate beyond the borders of his home country. For now, I have resided in Guatemala, a country where he is working on new projects with Guatemalan artist Milx.

According to the Cuscatleca, this year I have hopes to launch three more themes and some collaborations with outstanding Guatemalan artists. For next year, one of its top projects are working.

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The Salvadoran artist has had the opportunity to present herself on various stages in El Salvador and Guatemala.

My greatest achievement in my career is my personal growth. “Really, my music has helped me a lot in my personal growth, and that has been my biggest prize,” you said.

The artist is clear that being a singer is not easy, especially when she is a woman, because there are still these gender inequality gaps in the music industry.

There aren’t many spaces for us. “I do urban, I do regueton, I would like to open a concert by a male artist, but I feel that they hardly give women the opportunity,” he said.

However, she is grateful for the lives and people who have given her the opportunity to present in different scenarios both in El Salvador and in other parts of Central America. Zhari, really, is getting everything she dreamed of when she was a child, and she doesn’t doubt she’ll go far.

The opportunities I have been given to present myself in different shows here in Guatemala as in El Salvador have been very important, because they have marked me and in each of us I have managed to meet people who follow me on social networks. And they tell me, your music has helped me heal, it ended.

In the fifth edition of Music Awards 503 he won two awards. Central American EP of the year for “Lloriperreo” and best urban pop song for “Vacío.” 

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Salvador