Google opens offices in El Salvador

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By LatAm Reports Editorial Team

The president of Google Cloud Latin America, Eduardo López, said that work is already being done on projects to benefit different sectors between health and education.

After several months of expectation, the U.S. multinational technology company, Google, officially opened its offices in El Salvador. 

Today Google and El Salvador begin a joint trip to modernize this country, said Google Cloud Latin America, during the opening ceremony. The Government of El Salvador and the technology company signed a contract for the provision of services.

Google already has social networks from Google El Salvador.

Google in El Salvador Col. Saint Benedict

President of Google Cloud Latin America, Eduardo López . Photo EDH/ FranciscoRubio

Conspertaining that these actions are a milestone for us because we are opening Google’s offices here in El Salvador. “President, count on us to continue our long-term relations,” he added.

Nayib Bukele, president-elect, was present at the inauguration.

On August 29, 2023 Google Cloud announced that the company planned to establish operations in El Salvador, the same day it officialized Facebook and X’s social networks for this purpose.

Google Cloud and the government hold a seven-year agreement to support the country with the use of the data storage tool for the Executive Body area.

The Digital Cloud tool also said they could offer technical guidance to companies and organizations on how to achieve the greatest benefits of technology and innovations.

John Wright says it’s a bitter process.

Nayib Bukele Google in El Salvador Col. Saint Benedict

Photo EDH/ Francisco Rubio

You know the great challenges we’ve had in health. Over time we will continue to develop new applications and new technologies for the public health system, Bukele said during the event. 

He said the company has started different action plans aimed at the education and health sector. 

The newly re-elected official argued that over time we will become the most competitive country in technology. We’ve already started and we’ll grow even more.

The president said that with the adoption of the Law on Promotion and Innovation the country will become more competitive in time, even in the coming days the national census, cadastre and a permit system will be launched to be added to the modifications to the customs, port, health and education system. 

The agreement includes a cybersecurity element and access to 5g connectivity.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in EL Salvador