Student pays University tuition by selling beer sorbet 

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By LatAm Reports Editor

Silvia Muñoz, 18, is a young university student who undertook the production and sale of handmade sorbet to pay for her studies. Muñoz, originally from the city of Ahuachapán, has more than eight years of experience in the field and has innovated with the sorbets of beer, rum, wine and other flavors that became a sensation among its customers.

This young woman is currently in the third year of her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sports at a University of San Salvador, which is why she has to organize her time between classes, her tasks and her entrepreneurship.

She said the craft sorbet business is familiar. She was introduced to it about 10 years ago and learned from the field from a very young age, but it was until a few years ago that he decided to get fully involved with the aim of raising the money to pay the university fees.

It has been a multi-year process to make progress in the production and sale of sorbets and have other models of work operation. 

But in addition, the young woman came to innovate, since with her ingenuity and new creations entrepreneurship is giving much to talk about. Silvia said she is proud of the effort, as she is already getting the rewards.

To be more powerful, the young woman, with the support of her brother Randal, decided to introduce exotic sorbets, such as beer ice cream, tequila and rum, and wine, flavors that have been very well accepted by the Ahuachapanecos, he said.

‘With my brother we get the idea that if you can make fruit-based sorbet, why not do it from other substances like liquor and beer. Everything went to trial and error to the desired point. The process is the same: spinning the cylinder with the mixture in ice cubes and in the end the special touch we put on makes everything connect with the sorbet,” Silvia explained.

Randal explained that “without knowing more, we decided to start testing, at first we were left as minutes, but we continue to polish the technique with constancy.”

Attention. They can place orders for these exotic sorbets through the Facebook page Heelist and on the phone: 2431-2244.

The entrepreneur clarified that these exotic flavors are sold only to adults, but in their daily sale they also offer the classic flavors of fruits based on milk, yogurt, and tropical flavors to which they add chamoy and tajín, another way of innovating with sorbets.

“We work in three sales modalities: online, for when they want to hire us for social events; also by delivery (domicile) and -retoneando. My route is from the markets throughout the center of Ahuachapán, until I reached Concordia Park,” the young woman added.

However, Silvia said that many times it does not come enough with the sale and ends everything before arriving at the park, as people already know it and are waiting for the exotic dessert.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared on La Prensa Grafica