Peru’s AG blames President Boluarte for deaths of protesters as political crisis deepens

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By LatAm Reports Editor

Peru’s Attorney General Patricia Benavides has filed a constitutional complaint against President Dina Boluarte, in response to the government’s crackdown on protests that resulted in over 50 fatalities. Boluarte, who assumed presidency in December following the arrest of former president Pedro Castillo, has been facing intense public dissent demanding her resignation and new elections.

Benavides, in a statement, emphasized that the loss of Peruvian lives and abuse of power cannot be tolerated. This move could potentially lead to Boluarte’s dismissal. However, the President has criticized the complaint as a political strategy, designed to divert attention from a corruption scandal involving Benavides. The Attorney General, accused of leading a criminal network in Congress and influence peddling, has refused to step down.

President Boluarte expressed her astonishment at the timing of the complaint, coinciding with the legal actions against Benavides’ team for alleged corruption. Despite these accusations, Boluarte has not directly responded to the charges against her.

In January, Peruvian prosecutors initiated an investigation against Boluarte for alleged genocide, qualified homicide, and serious injuries, although she is currently protected by immunity until her term ends in 2026. The congressional process to approve the complaint against her can take up to three months.

Boluarte’s presidency, marking her as Peru’s first female president and the sixth president since March 2018, has been marred by controversy and unrest. Meanwhile, former President Castillo remains in pre-trial detention in Lima.