Maduro Urges Voting in Essequibo Referendum

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By LatAm Reports Editor

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has made a fervent appeal to citizens to participate in the upcoming Essequibo referendum scheduled for Sunday, December 3rd. In his weekly TV broadcast, Maduro emphasized the nation’s historical obligation and the importance of voting as an act of defending Venezuela’s sovereignty and dignity.

Maduro stressed that the vote is a collective effort for the nation, a stand against illegal attempts to deprive Venezuela of its rightful territories. He also called for the “All Venezuela” campaign to intensify its nationwide efforts to educate citizens on their voting rights.

Highlighting the significant role of the National Assembly, Maduro praised its decision to hold a consultative referendum on the Essequibo issue, marking a historic first in Venezuela. He described this as a critical moment for the nation to express its unified stance on the Guayana Esequiba region.

At an event at the “El Libertador” Air Base, Maduro reiterated his stance against the Monroe Doctrine, which he accuses of perpetuating a history of exploitation and domination over sovereign nations since its inception in the early 19th century. He linked the doctrine to past and ongoing attempts to seize the Essequibo region from Venezuela.

Maduro’s speech was a call to resist foreign influence and uphold national independence, echoing the sentiment of rejecting neoliberalism that Venezuelans expressed 31 years ago. He asserted the necessity of confronting policies like the Monroe Doctrine to maintain Venezuela’s independence and sovereignty.