“Not one step back in the defense of freedom,” reiterates AMLO

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By LatAm Reports Editorial Team

In line with his speech in recent days, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stressed that interference from any foreign agency or international journalism will not be accepted. “We are not going to take a step back in the defense of freedom, justice and, above all, our sovereignty.”

Interviewed after the Flag Day ceremony, which took place in this tourist spot in Sinaloa, the federal president also criticized the dissemination of the personal telephone numbers of his eldest son and several members of the movement he heads—this after a couple of years ago days ago the cell phone number of a correspondent for the American newspaper The New York Times was revealed in the morning.

“We do not accept in Mexico anyone who slanders legal and legitimately constituted authorities. We do not accept that there is interference from any foreign agency and international journalism, no matter how famous it may be, if there is slander there will always be a response.”

This after the dissemination of two reports in international media that would link him to financing by drug trafficking for two of his presidential campaigns.

-What do you think they disclosed the data of one of your children and some government officials? -she told him.

– That’s how the right is, that’s how conservatives are, very hypocritical, very, very hypocritical, that is the doctrine of conservatism, it is really very shameful that they act that way. But we are not going to take a step back in the defense of freedom and justice and above all our sovereignty, we are not like the other presidents who allowed the sovereignty of Mexico to be violated. “Our country is an independent, free, sovereign country,” he replied.

The Chief Executive reiterated that when an international media “slanders” there will be a response on his part.

“In relation to the slander, the slanderous journalism from the United States, especially from the New York Times and Univision, which entered the debate unofficially, I repeat that you have to learn to respect the government of Mexico and, above all, the people. of Mexico, that you cannot slander, that we do not accept slander, that there is no evidence. Every time they publish a slanderous article there will be a response, whoever it is.”

-With the United States, is there anything to add to your bilateral relationship? -she asked him.

-Nothing. It is very clear, it is quite clear, they are clear, we do not allow interventionism from the United States or any foreign country.

The above article was translated from La Jornada.