7 accused of defrauding two companies with travel expenses and commissions for $1.2 million in El Salvador

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By LatAm Reports Editorial Team

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that the defrauded companies are Tierras Nacionales LTDA de CV and Maintance and Service SA.

In the Fourth Court of Peace, the Attorney General’s Office accused seven people of the crime of fraudulent administration to the detriment of two companies , from whom they allegedly charged travel expenses and commissions for alleged expenses based on their work, for more than one million. of dollars.

According to the prosecutor in the case, the expenses were passed off as commissions made, and expenses of the positions of head of operations, executive director , and other positions held by the now accused, but that these expenses were not justified.

The amount defrauded from the companies Tierras Nacionales LTDA de CV and Maintance and Service S. A. , amounts to $1,284,274.39 that they would have collected between the years 2016 and 2020.

“These coordinated a series of actions aimed at having checks issued in their favor and their work team, made up of all the defendants already mentioned, where they made money disbursements that made it seem like administrative travel expenses and payment of commissions, informing the accounting staff that they corresponded to commissions made and expenses incurred ,” a prosecutor explained through from a video that the Public Ministry published on its social network account X.

The defendants were identified as:

  1. Jorge Leonel Gaitán Paredes,
  2. Jorge Alberto Gaitán Castro,
  3. Jeni Celina Torres Zepeda,
  4. Selvin Martín Torres Andrade,
  5. Juan Ignacio Berger Giménez (Guatemalan),
  6. María Isabel Umaña Velásquez, and
  7. Carol Odette Echeverría Cabrera de Reyes (Guatemalan)

The Prosecutor’s Office did not inform when the initial hearing against those now accused was scheduled.

This article was translated from the newspaper Diario El Mundo.