Nicaragua bans 16 more NGO’s, mostly religious

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By Marco Echevarria

NGOs were cancelled for allegedly failing to comply with the financial report in detail between 1 and 14 years, the property and real estate will become part of the State.

Nicaragua canceled on Tuesday the legal personality of nine oenegés, two of them Catholic and four evangelicals, for failing to comply with the report of its finances, so that their assets will pass to the state.

A resolution of the Ministry of the Interior closed the agencies, according to a publication in the official newspaper La Gaceta, where it also published another decision approving the cancellation of the personality of seven additional oenegés for “voluntary dissolution of members.”

The nine oenegens did not provide details of their financial statements for periods of between 1 and 14 years and were “in breach of their obligations, in accordance with the laws regulating them, and hindering the control and surveillance of the General Directorate of Registration and Control of Non-profit Bodies,” the publication said.

U.S., possible “friend”

These cancelled Catholic Oenegens are the Fundación Misióneros Consecrated to the Holy Savior and the Association of Missionaries of the Society of Mary (Missionaries Montfortians), and the evangelical Association Pentecost Mission Jehovah, the Association of the Apostolic Mission Evangelistics and Prophetic, the Family Church Foundation New Restoration and the Association Transmundial Missions of Nicaragua.

The Societa Dante Alighieri Foundation of Nicaragua, dedicated to the teaching of the Italian language, the Children of Fort Association, which worked with at-risk infants in the department of León, west of Managua, and the Campestre Club of the city of Estelí, to the north, was also illegal.

While the movable and immovable property of these nine associations will be transferred to the state’s name, according to the legislation regulating non-profit agencies, he added.

The march also participated in Nicaragua protesting the rape by the government of Daniel Ortega Foto EDH /Jessica Orellana

With the closure of the associations, a tightened legal framework for oenegés is also given, where the government of President Daniel Ortega has closed about 3,500 since 2018.

Interior approved the closure of seven other agencies at the request of its members that led to a lack of resources or funds for their projects. Among the latter are the 21 Down Nicaragua Syndrome Foundation, the Association of Emotional Support Professionals and several evangelical associations.

Nicaragua tightened the laws after protests against the 2018 government, which in three months of street blockades and clashes between opponents and officials left more than 300 dead, according to the UN. The government, which viewed the protests as a coup attempt promoted by Washington, says some of the protests were funded.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Salvador