Members of RBD kicked out of Lo Nuestro Awards

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By Juan Francisco García

Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chavez denounced the fact and said “we are bigger than this.”

RBD fans are outraged at the organizers of the Lo Nuestro Awards, a gala that took place last night (22.02.2024), in Miami, as singers Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chavez, members of the Mexican band, were unable to enter the gala.

It was through the Instagram stories that Christopher made known what had happened: “Here we are, we came out of the Lo Nuestro Award, apparently we’re not going to be with you because they gave us some wrong tickets and apparently there were no tables anymore,” he said in a video. “This is something that surprises me a little, but well, apparently a strange organization,” he added in a disappointed and annoying tone.

For his part, Chavez said: “Now we are going to have dinner with a face of sadness.”

In another video, the singer said: “The nominees couldn’t get into the event because they didn’t have the right tickets. We want to tell the world-class fans that it hurts us a lot to have come to Miami, and apparently Lo Nuestro didn’t have our places. It hurts us on behalf of RBD, but we’re bigger than this.

Immediately the followers of the group went viral the statements of the singers, who could only be part of the pink carpet, give some statements to the international media and greet their fans.

So far, the organizers of Lo Nuestro Awards have not given any statement on the situation; however, the videos that refer to the inconvenience have been one of the most popular in TikTok.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Salvador