Javier Paxtor, the unknown businessman and new owner of Miss Nicaragua franchise

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The name of businessman Alexander Javier Paxtor, who presents himself as owner of the restaurant El Guacalito, Miami, Florida, has sounded a lot on social networks after it was known that he acquired the franchise Miss Nicaragua and will hold the contest in exile. Although in the world of Miami’s show the entrepreneur is recognized, there is little information known about his origins and trajectory.

PRENSA confirmed that the franchise “Miss Nicaragua LLC” was registered with the Division of Corporations of the State of Florida, United States, on April 14, by Alexander Javier Paxtor. The registration document also details as authorized persons – Alexis Gómez and Anderson Polanco, both with homes in Miami and linked to the restaurant El Guacalito.

He was also registered with the United States Division of Corporate Affairs of the State of Florida, also in the name of Alexander Javier Paxtor, with the same authorized persons.
Screenshots of the inscriptions made by Alexander Javier Paxtor, according to the portal of the Florida State

Trajectory with Misses

Nicaraguan businessman Alexander Javier Paxtor, also publicly known as Javier Pastor, according to the website of the restaurant El Guacalito, is the executive director of that business, a restaurant located west of Miami, where Nicaraguan culture and gastronomy converges, according to his own description.

PRENSA contacted Paxtor for various means, however, he did not respond.

Precisely in El Guacalito is where Paxtor has been seen active with the Nicaraguan diaspora carrying out activities and events, including with opponents in exile and beauty representatives. There he has received former Miss Nicaragua, such as Ana Marcelo (2020), Allison Wassmer (2021) and above all Sheynnis Palacios (2023, converted into Miss Universe).
Alexander Javier Paxtor with Miss Nicaragua 2021 and 2020, Allison Wassmer and Ana Marcelo, respectively. Photos: Taken from social networks

It was learned, through closeness to the businessman, that he took Sheynnis Palacios to Miami when he won Miss Nicaragua; and after Palacios won Miss Universe, he took it back, supposedly to show the Miss Universe organization that he had the money to acquire the franchise and hold the contest outside the country.
Sponsor of Sheynnis Palacios

Once Sheynnis Palacios began her preparation for the competition in El Salvador, Paxtor was widely known for supporting her on her way to international competition. From her Instagram account she called her our future Miss Universe, when she took her to Miami to participate in activities with Nicaraguans living in that city.
Taken from Javier Paxtor’s Instagram.

However, those close to Paxtor were surprised not to see him in person in El Salvador, supporting the miss on the day of the contest, although it is said that he sponsored a large entourage of Nicaraguans to go to the Salvadoran capital.

From El Guacalito there were several live broadcasts on the arrival of Palacios and the different ceremonies held prior to the final gala. And on the day of the Miss Universe pageant at the restaurant, a big party was set up to watch the event live.

Univision’s show journalist and beauty queens expert Luis Alfonso Borrego (Lucho Borrego), in an interview with People en Español magazine, when he revealed that this Nicaraguan businessman is the new owner of Miss Nicaragua, said that Paxtor is one of the most important sponsors that Sheynnis Palacios had to go to Miss Universe.

More than a month after the contest, Paxtor received from Nicaraguan journalist Ivan Taylor the cover of a Salvadoran newspaper the day after Sheynnis Palacios was crowned Miss Universe. “Pastor celebrates, supports and promotes the Nicaraguan,” Taylor wrote.
Nicaraguan journalist Ivan Taylor gives the cover of a Salvadoran newspaper to Javier Paxtor.
He had the competition to acquire the franchise

Lucho Borrego detailed that Nicaragua’s dictators, Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, along with their daughter Camila Ortega, in charge of Nicaragua Diseña, initially tried to keep the franchise of the Miss Nicaragua contest, even offering approximate amounts of between $50 and 60 thousand dollars.

When the dictators did not reach an agreement to acquire the franchise, it was Paxtor who stayed with Miss Nicaragua.

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Alexander Javier Paxtor. Photo: Taken from the internet.
Candidate of Nicaragua will be elected in exile

What is known so far is that the candidate who will represent Nicaragua at the Miss Universe beauty pageant would be elected in Miami, United States, next August.

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The only example of the choice of a beauty queen in exile is currently executed by Cuba, which is conducting virtual auditions from Miami, Florida, United States, to choose Miss Universe Cuba, after more than five decades without participating in the Miss Universe pageant.

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Other Paxtor companies

On the Florida State Corporations Division portal, in addition to the registration of Miss Nicaragua and Miss Universe Nicaragua, Alexander Javier Paxtor appears as an officer in other companies, especially in the area of services: shops and restaurants.

All these companies are linked to each other and on social networks posts are shared between them. For example, Banda Gueg?ense is constantly presented in El Guacalito and the Fifth Las Americas.

On several of them, Paxtor has published sharing what appear to be his hobbies: golf, horseback riding and sharing with people from the world of entertainment and entertainment.

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