Bukele will focus on economy, warns possible bitter medicine and calls for support from the population

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, swears to his followers to follow “the steps without complaining” when he focused on solving El Salvador’s economic problems.

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, asked the population on Saturday to defend “layer and sword” each of the decisions it will make to improve El Salvador’s economy in the next five years, ensuring that this issue will probably require bitter medicine.To do this, the president took together with his followers an oath of unconditional support “without complaints”.

“We’re going to focus on the major problems, starting with the economy. In this new treatment, we may also have to take bitter medicine,” he said, from the central balcony of the National Palace in the direction of people who were concentrated in the Plaza General Gerardo Barrios, in the center of San Salvador.

We swear to unconditionally defend our nation project, following to the letter each of the steps without complaining, asking for the wisdom of God so that our country may be blessed with another miracle and we swear never to listen to the enemies of the people.”
Nayib Bukele,

“El Salvador needs three things to heal the economy: the guide of God, the work of the government and the people to return to layer and sword each of the decisions that are made (…) They’ve already voted for us. It’s not enough to vote. It is important to support each decisionwithout hesitation“,” the president reiterated. Bukele emphasized that it is necessary for the population not to make “the voices” that complain when the government is trying to improve the situation in the country.

He also rejected criticism of the bureaucracy and lack of transparency in his government.“That’s transparency,” he said, referring to the possibility that Salvadorans can leave without anything happening to them.

“All the governments of the world”

The president began his speech by saying that “all the governments of the world recognize this government” even if its detractors deny it and that the attendance of international missions in this inauguration is historic.

“This is the most important moment in our recent history. We finally beat fear and are a truly free country. Freedom is one of the things that we human beings most long for,” he said. He thanked God, his wife, his father and the population.

The cancer of the gangs

The president recounted an anecdote from a sick person who trusted the doctor, following the prescription to the letter “until he healed of the cancer that everyone had told him was terminal.” Little by little, “I could already go out with his family.” He added that the patient wanted to get rid of all the evils but went to a doctor from the past, who “talked badly of the doctor who cured him” because he “had not cured him of all the diseases he had had” even if he had cured him of cancer. “I cured you of cancer and I can cure you from other problems, but I can’t cure you everything at the same time,” he said the doctor told the patient.

The president asked his audience which doctor would heed and made a stand-up with “the cancer of the gangs.”

Bukele reminded his followers how five years ago, he asked them to trust him even if that involved bitter medicine. Just as the doctor gave them the cure for cancer, “so this Salvadoran people also made the decision to follow the recipe to the letter and together we get rid of gang cancer,” he told them.

He criticized the anti-gang proposals of “experts and agencies” and the condemnations of El Salvador for the measures taken; and praised the change of Attorney General of the Republic and the Constitutional Chamber promoted on 1 May 2021. “We achieved the best results that we wouldn’t have dreamed of ourselves. We removed the previous prosecutor and removed the judges of the previous Constitutional Chamber and in less than a year we were already the safest country in the whole region,” he exclaimed.

He added that, in 2024, El Salvador is already the safest country in the Western Hemisphere.Unconditional support, he said, was indispensable.

Bukele assumed this June 1st as president of El Salvador for the second term in the face of criticism of the unconstitutionality of his re-election.