Grupo AES to invest $236 million in El Salvador over next 5 years

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By Daniel Villatoro García

By 2024, $58.3 million will be allocated, of which $41 million will be to improve service standards and $17 million for digital transformation.

Grupo AES El Salvador will invest $236 million between 2024 and 2028 in programs for the improvement, expansion, digitization, technology and automation of the energy system.

Of this portfolio, $58.3 million will be allocated for 2024, announced Tuesday the vice president of operations of AES El Salvador, Daniel Bernárdez.

The 2024 investment is slightly lower than the $59 million of 2023. “As we are finished this year the implementation of the big platforms is evident that, the implementation time in terms of cost, is adjusting and you will see next year what we will have of investments,” added the executive.

Annual investment.

By 2024, the electricity distribution company will use $41 million in network improvement, expansion and maintenance.

In this area we will be focused on improving the network, through providing more maintenance, better conditions to our distribution lines, more power substations,, said the director of Planning and Engineering of AES El Salvador, Fabio Aragón.

AES says about $8.4 million will be used for network expansion, $2.4 million for third-party line standardization projects and $500,000 in rural electrification.

Adding $4.6 million from the conversion of air networks to underground.

The company will also allocate $17 million for digital transformation in the electricity sector. Of this portion, $12.1 million is for digitization and artificial intelligence, as well as for the renewal of the commercial platform and communication portals.

This second item will also allocate $2.3 million of the funds to renew and improve software and hardware platforms and infrastructure, and update the network operation management and remote control platform, among other aspects.

AES plans to allocate $1.8 million for digitization in energy measurement, where it is expected to expand the coverage of the advanced measurement infrastructure and reach 6,176 points, as well as analyze energy consumption data.

From 2025, AES expects to invest between $41 million and $49 million.

Electronic invoice.

The company notes that from March they reached 100 percent coverage with the electronic invoice.

“The whole implementation has passed without further inconvenience, we already have at this moment more than 800,000 invoices issued so far in the period, because the reading cycles have a programming to cover the month,” Bernárdez said.

AES pointed out that, although people receive the receipt – as has always been done – they will now be sent via email or WhatsApp the document.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Diario El Mundo