Central American Parliament confirms new deputies

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

They’ll be Proclaing MPs from Parlacen. Photo: Francisco Paz

The National Board of Scrutiny (JNE) proclaimed on Monday, June 10, the 20 elected deputies to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) for the period 2024-2029.

The Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) obtained a valid percentage of votes of 8.17 % with a single curul; Popular Party with 23.55 % valid votes and 5 seats, Molirena with 1.48 % valid votes and a curul, the Panamanian Party with 7.8 % valid votes and a curul, Alianza Party with 7.11 percent votes with a curul.

Likewise, the Party Realizing Metas (RM) reached 43.19% with 9 seats, while the Free Postulation (Zulay Rodríguez) obtained 9.70 % with two curules.

Among the main deputies and alternates proclaimed by the National Scrutiny Board (JNE) are:

Performing Metas: Carlos Outten (supply Ricardo Martinelli Linares), Giselle Burillo (Luis Martinelli Linares), José Ramos ( Alma Lorena Cortés), Dorindo Cortez (David Ochy), Jaime Ford (Bayardo Martínez), Alma Rodríguez (David Reyes), Augusto Batista (César Zapata Muñoz), Virgilio Moreno (Héctor Santos Rudas), Rodrigo Farrugia (Mercedes González).

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Popular Party: Cirilo Salas (Bernardino González), Lesly Ariel Miranda (Nelson Solís), Eric Villarreal (Otilia Beker), Katiuska Farlanes (José Gil), Luis Castillo Ruiz (Mayra Rivera).

Free Application -ZR: Rubén Darío Campos (Astrid Austin), Querube Reyes (Felipe Chen).

Revolutionary Democratic Party: Benicio Robinson (Ernestina Morales).

Partido Panameñista: The former President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela (Itzi Atencio).

Alliance Party: Jackeline Muñoz (Honorio Quesada).

Molirena: Rachel Gonzalez (Mayling Gonzalez).

This article has been translated after first appearing in Pan America