Camacho: ‘The people are with Ricardo Martinelli’

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By LatAm Reports Editorial Team

This is the common message that the former president receives on the visits made to them by his co-partisan.

The secretary general of the party Realizing Metas, Luis Eduardo Camacho, reiterated this Thursday that Ricardo Martinelli remains a presidential candidate, despite the doubt that they try to sow certain sectors.

“In the light of disinformation, the judges of the Electoral Tribunal themselves have clearly pointed out that today Ricardo Martinelli is a presidential candidate,” Camacho said.

In this line, he added that the judicial terrorism strategy implemented against Martinelli does not progress while his adversaries want.

Camacho stressed that Martinelli will appear on the ballot and along with José Raúl Mulino will enter the presidency to return the opportunity to the Panamanians.

“Martinelli will go to the presidency by Mulino because Martinelli is Mulino and Mulino is Martinelli,” he added.

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On the other hand, the spokesman for the former president said that the support visits continue, especially to express through the different candidates Martinelli’s support throughout the country.

“There are many candidates from all over the country who have come to express their solidarity with Martinelli in the face of the political persecution that has led him to asylum. The message is that the people are with Martinelli,” he stressed.

They also talk about the problems they must address in the midst of the precarious economic situation facing Panama.

Camacho stressed that the debates focus on unemployment, the first problem to be addressed by incentivizing the economy.

Likewise, they have focused on the water crisis in the country. In this sense, Camacho regretted that they had lost the project of the hydraulic ring that they had proposed.

On Thursday, Martinelli was visited by candidates from the 8-4 circuit, who confirmed the good mood and health of the former governor.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Panama America