Zu Clemente, Miss Honduras, is a Rising Star

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By Marco Echevarria

Zuheilyn Clemente, Miss Honduras Universe 2023, has signed a new episode in the brightest story that is remembered by the national beauty ambassadors in grand slam contests.

Her participation – from the effort and passion in the 72nd edition of the Miss Universe, held in November in San Salvador, El Salvador, placed her in the local conversation.

Powerful, sensual and intimidating as few, he set her name in the collective imagination. Have we done many great things and put Honduras high. “I have an impressive experience and, of course, a unique experience,” he told Grupo Opsa at the end of her participation in the competition where Nicaraguan Sheynnis Palacios was crowned.

At 1.70 meters tall, dark mane and refined figure, it was strengthened three months ago, when it managed to become the flag of the country, in succession of Rebeca Rodríguez, Miss Honduras 2022.

Prior to this, local television was compatible with the marketing and international business studios. Now, at 23, he aspires to forge a place in the entertainment industry.

Can I say that God knows each other’s path. I have some trips pending because there is work at the international level that is coming, and very soon I will share the details, he confessed.

Working on television since she was 17, according to her, that experience helped her overcome insecurities and weaknesses in self-confidence. – Oh, it’s a .

“I am deeply happy because, thanks to my participation in Miss Honduras and the Miss Universe, I have managed to open very significant doors,” he added.

In impeccable balance and halfway between sensuality and pragmatism, Hondurans also devotes part of its efforts to the rescue of animals and the prevention of violence, especially among children.

In the Miss Universe, she focused her social project on child support, supporting the Municipal Institute of Special Education, which helps children with disabilities so that they can also opt for decent work.

Deeply rooted in her family and roots, Clement believes that transmitting Honduran culture is one of her main objectives: From the day I crowned myself, I set out to do everything I could to highlight Honduras, because my country is beautiful and deserves to be recognized.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Heraldo