Venezuela rejects U.S. interfering statements

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By LatAm Reports Editorial Team

The National Electoral Council of Venezuela (CNE) on Thursday rejected questions from the U.S. State Department regarding the electoral process in the South American country, scheduled for July 28.

A statement by the president of that body, Elvis Amoroso, clarifies that the sayings of the U.S. government are aimed at trying to discredit “one of the strongest institutions of the robust Venezuelan democracy,” on which, he says, “Venezuelan voters have placed their trust in recent decades.”

The note recalls that Venezuelan democracy is supported by a “series of very advanced pillars, among which stands out its electoral system,” which, “has demonstrated “the highest standards of professionalism and security.”

In this sense, it contrasts the Venezuelan system with that of the United States, which is, according to the CNE “obsolete and inefficient, that cedes its powers to a well-known television network, and is unable to process and broadcast accurate and reliable results accepted by all voters.”

The CNE recalls that the elections on July 28 are the 31st in 25 years and that Venezuelans will have to choose their next president from 13 candidates nominated by 37 political organizations.

The CNE also insists that this body “cannot assume or take responsibility for the personal incapacity of some individualities that sought to place their interests above national legality.”

Finally, the CNE is positioned that “it will not be the U.S. State Department that determines the processes to be followed” in Venezuela and that any attempt in that regard “will be met with determination.”

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in TeleSurTV