Roche expands in Costa Rica, hopes to add over 200 jobs by 2025

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

The inauguration of the Roche Costa Rica Campus marks a milestone in the history of the company in the country, by consolidating the local administrative operations of its different business divisions in a building enabled to enhance its capacity for innovation for the development of health solutions.

The campus, whose investment exceeds $100 million, has 21 floors and in its design the company prioritized environmental and accessibility aspects, in line with Roche’s sustainability vision.

Since its establishment in the country in 1973, Roche has contributed to the economy and local development. The decision to continue growing in the country, through Roche Costa Rica Campus, demonstrates its commitment to generating value for Costa Rican society and recognizes the strengths of local talent and the favorable business environment for foreign investment.

The expansion of our operations in Costa Rica is a great milestone. Our new Campus is a symbol of Roche’s dedication to fostering a culture rich in innovation and creativity. This significant development highlights our ability to provide advanced health solutions to our patients and partners around the world,” said Carsten Reibe, global director of Roche Services & Solutions.

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Manuel Tovar, commented that the inauguration of the new Roche campus in Costa Rica is a historic milestone that consolidates our position as a center for innovation and development in life sciences in Latin America.

Does this investment not only strengthen Roche’s commitment to people’s health and well-being, but also drives economic growth and high-quality employment generation in our country. With more than 90 companies in the sector operating in Costa Rica, we continue to strengthen a collaborative ecosystem that promotes research, the development of cutting-edge medical solutions and the expansion of opportunities for all Costa Ricans, he added.

The strengthening of the presence in Costa Rica is also a reflection of the company’s long-term vision, consolidating its position as an ally of the country. Roche’s business vision closely aligns with the generation of partnerships that generate value for patients, for the health system and for the company, within the framework of its people strategy, but also drives economic growth and sustainable employment generation, to achieve equitable access to innovative health solutions.

We congratulate Roche for the opening of this new center that consolidates its administrative operations in the country. Roche Costa Rica Campus is a show of trust of the company in the country, in our investment climate and in the specialized human talent we offer. From Procomer, we reiterate our commitment to Roche in each and every process of establishment and post-establishment, as well as in the impulse to improve the competitiveness of the country, so that its operations can be carried out successfully, said Laura López, general manager of Procomer.

An investment for the future

Construction of the Campus began in November 2021, as an opportunity to align the company’s purpose with investment, offer creative solutions and improve patient care while adapting to changing the environment.

The Campus will house about 1,300 people from the Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic divisions for different Latin American countries, along with Roche Services and Solutions Americas (comprehensive and strategic end-to-end services and solutions) in areas such as finance, procurement, information technologies and specialized human resources services, which were expanded in 2021.

In addition, Roche Costa Rica Campus has the capacity to support any future operations expansion plan. By 2025, the company is expected to exceed 1500 partners with the creation of more than 200 new jobs in areas such as finance, information technology, human resources, among others.

Opting for Sabana Norte for the location of the Campus was something carefully weighed, as the point offered easy access to public transport in an adequate location, with different arrival routes and amenities in the attractive surroundings for the collaborators.

Similarly, the area has a rapid development of an innovative and high-tech centre, making it a desirable and strategic place for companies and organizations. With this decision, Roche aims to strengthen collaboration with its public of interest and strengthen its contributions to the country.

Innovation in an inclusive, diverse and environmentally friendly environment

Roche Costa Rica Campus follows the company’s sustainability philosophy, both in relation to people and the environment. It will provide a collaborative environment with flexible and agile spaces, to promote the culture of agility and the exchange of experiences between different teams and departments as engines of innovation. Likewise, the building is inclusive and thought of as an experience for the mental well-being of the collaborators.

The building was built under LEED Platinum Certification standards, which applies principles in six categories, including: Sustainable Building; Water, Energy and Atmosphere Efficiency; Materials and Resources; Internal Environment Quality and Design Innovation. It also has sustainable technologies for air conditioning, lighting and collecting rainwater, among other aspects friendly to the environment.

As for the focus on people, Roche Costa Rica Campus is the first building in the country’s service industry to receive the Fitwel Certification, which guarantees an integrated approach to how design and operations can improve health, happiness and productivity. In addition, in order for all people to feel welcome, with the advice of it was assured that the space will be 100% accessible; therefore, there will be labeling in Braille and floor guides for people with visual disabilities.

With Roche Costa Rica Campus we will continue to build lasting and mutually beneficial relations with the country and our strategic partners.

Campus shortly

  • Total investment: Over $100 million
  • Total area of the building: 75,070,76 m2
  • Internal office area and amenities: 32,831 m2
  • Vertical campus of 21 floors
  • 7 levels of work areas
  • 2 levels of amenities
  • 1 level of the Welfare Centre
  • 6 upper parking levels
  • 3 levels of underground parking
  • 1200 workstations.
  • It is the first building in this industry to use ammonia for air conditioning, which gives greater comfort and is more efficient.
  • Rainwater collection system, photovoltaic panels to convert solar power into electricity and green roof that supports local biodiversity
  • Natural light and cadmium-free materials, lead or mercury are used.
  • The carpet system and campus furniture are carbon neutral.

This article has been translated after first appearing in El Mundo