Ricardo Martinelli maintains his state of innocence

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By Marco Echevarria

Carlos Carrillo commented that Ricardo Martinelli is being tried to condemn in a calendar that is not the judicial one, but the electoral one.

Ricardo Martinelli, presidential candidate for the parties Realizing Metas (RM) and Alianza, keeps his state of innocence intact, as defended lawyer Carlos Carrilllo said.

He added that in the New Business case there is talk of everything, less than how fundamental Martinelli’s innocence is.

“Martinelli has the state of innocence until he has an enforceable sentence, but we see the grueling voices that what matters least to them is whether he is innocent or not, what they care about is that he is convicted or prejudiced,” he said.

Carrillo added that the presidential candidate is trying to condemn him in a calendar that is not the judicial one, but the electoral one, “something that is very, very delicate.”

Counsel pointed out that, if they have already dared with at least three stumps of the file that were altered, something that is being warned by a professional who was accredited by the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), as an expert.

“This will begin to be debated from 11 January, as long as the Court orders sanitation, drawing attention and taking disciplinary measures to bring this procedure into line with the law,” the jurist said.

On time, the lawyer commented that the most important thing is that any procedure that sheds the guilt or innocence of a person becomes transparent.’

A secretarial report emerged in December setting out that foxes were missing.

Months are left for the general elections in Panama and the choice of new authorities.

“Unfortunately, this situation has not been addressed in accordance with the Law.”

As for the pressure that could be on a decision to accept or reject the cassation, hastily, as some people have pointed out, counsel said that this is impossible, if they tell you on the working days of the CSJ.

Carrillo also referred to the rulings of the Supreme Court of Justice on the subject of cassation, first in the case of mining, where he said that the judicial terms had to be respected.

“Magisted president, if his secretary is telling him that you need blace on the file, so the judicial terms are not respected,” he added.

He argued that one thing is speed and another is to be hasty above the Law, under previous speculation of a certain decision, something that is destroying the system and will provoke a crisis that will at some point have to be defined.

At the moment, Carrillo said that the same debate is currently taking place two years ago with the Principle of Specialty.

“Either it is the right to choose or be elected or due process, but at least one reference of legality must be given, we cannot go adrift or that people feel a perception, not only of violation of due process, this is what Ricardo Martinelli is about,” he said.

Another point that the jurist addressed is the warning of unconstitutionality presented by them in favor of Martinelli, where they hope that at least this point will be analyzed to verify at least that the rule they will apply is constitutional or not.

He reiterated that the most regrettable thing of all is that there is no debate about whether Martinelli is innocent or not.

The one who also referred to the cassation appeal was lawyer Ángel Álvarez, who commented that this is a fairly technical issue.

“The appeals have been made more flexible by the national Member, this so that there is control, a review of the higher bodies in the exercise of the application of justice in lower instances. That is why this resource must be reviewed without preventing a claim in justice,” he said.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Panamerica