President Rodrigo Chaves meets with newly elected mayors

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

Topics such as employment, public works and tourism were on the agenda today on the agenda of the meeting of the Costa Rican president, Rodrigo Chaves, with newly elected mayors of the Chorotega Region, Huetar Norte and Cartago.

Since the end of February, the president announced his intention to hold meetings with the local representatives of the main regions and provinces, in order to seek common agreements to establish his priorities.

The meeting took place in the Presidential House and the issue of security was also addressed, at which international cooperation was agreed to work directly with municipalities on the national concern.

A statement highlights that mayors will have working sessions at least twice a year directly with the president, his advisers and some authorities, according to the prioritization of issues in each canton.

The day before, the exchange was with the mayors of the western province of Puntarenas and the Caribbean Limón, in which issues of infrastructure, investment and social development were addressed, which are a necessity for the inhabitants of these provinces.

The municipal elections were held on February 4 and selected 6,000 212 positions among mayors, regents, mayors and trustees.

They were the third to be held since 2016 when they separated from the nationals and were loaded with novelties, however, they presented a 68 percent abstention.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Pais