Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office opens investigation against former President Vizcarra

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By LatAm Reports Editor

The Peruvian Public Prosecutors Office initiated preliminary proceedings against former President Martín Alberto Vizcarra Cornejo as an alleged perpetrator of crimes against public tranquillity in the form of a criminal organization and instigator of the crime against the public administration in the form of aggravated collusion, the Public Prosecutor’s Office reported.

In a statement issued in X, the entity indicated that the investigations are carried out by the Illicit Enrichment and Constitutional Complaints Area following the issuance of the report of the Special Team of Prosecutors against Corruption of Power (Eficcop).

The portfolio also reported an investigation against which it was sometimes Minister of Transport and Communications during the Government of Vizcarra, Edmer Trujillo, as an alleged perpetrator of a crime against the public administration in the form of a criminal organization, and the perpetrator of the crime against the public administration in the form of aggravated collusion.

After this news was made public, Vizcarra said he is satisfied with the opening of a preliminary procedure against him because he believes that this will allow him to prove his innocence.

“This is what we wanted, that once and for all you pass (the case) to the Attorney General’s Office (general) to merit all the actions, all the evidence and say, “here, here there is nothing”,” Vizcarra said in an interview with Canal N, during which the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the opening of the proceedings.

On 30 January, the Prosecutor ' s Office had already confirmed that it is investigating the former president as the alleged leader of a criminal network called The Untouchables of Corruption, five of whose potential members were arrested by the Police and the Public Prosecutor ' s Office.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in TeleSurtv