Panama’s Democratic Change Group calls for the resignation of Roux and its board of directors

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By Juan Francisco García

The Democratic Vanguard group of the Democratic Change Party (CD) called on Monday morning May 13 for the resignation of Rodmart Roux and its board of directors.

According to the members of this group, they do not find in Roux a political leader commensurate with the needs of the country.

“It must be understood that there is no longer time to waste with him [Roux] and that this board of directors does not represent the large national majority,” Vanguardia Democrática said in a statement distributed at a press conference.

They also call for an exact day to be established for the internal CD elections, otherwise we will call for self-convocation, according to the status of the collective, to take third place in the last general elections.

The group insisted that CD needs to heal and adjust compass with youth through their best men and women, and then contribute their grain of sand, as once we did with Ricardo Martinelli’s government.

For her part, MP Mayín Correa said she will do everything she has to do to change the CD board.

This artice has been translated after first appearing in La Estrella