Ortega creates “organized crime” council

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

Diarrator Daniel Ortega sent the National Assembly a law to create a Presidential Council that has under its control all related to organized crime in Nicaragua.

The initiative called the Presidential Council for Coordination, Cooperation and Exchange for the Prevention, Confrontation and Judicialization of Crime Crime, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism, Financing for the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Other Crimes related – it was presented this Thursday, May 23, to the Legislative Plenary and was given the corresponding procedure, sending it to the Justice and Legal Commission Affairs.

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The explanatory statement states that this council will have given its functions to regularly identify and evaluate national related risks to crimes derived from organized crime, drug trafficking and other established crimes, as well as to coordinate the elaboration of proposals for national public policies and strategies to be submitted to the President of the Republic for approval.

The council will be composed of the holders of the following institutions:

1. Financial Analysis Unit, which will coordinate it.

2. – I.

3. Office of the Attorney-General of the Republic.

4. Central Bank of Nicaragua.

5. Public Prosecutor ' s Office.

6. Ministry of the Interior.

7. Superintendency of Banks and Other Financial Institutions.

8. Directorate-General for Revenue.

9. Directorate-General for Customs Services.

The authorities that make up the council – are subject to the scope of the law, with the prescribed scope by it, according to article 2 of the Law sent by Ortega.

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The new legal framework provides that through the coordinator (the Council) other institutions may be convened when they are required for the performance of their functions.

It also states that the council will meet on a regular basis twice a year and in an extraordinary way when requested by its members.


The council will have 15 functions and powers, including: to regularly identify and evaluate national risks related to crimes related to crimes arising from organized crime; to coordinate and cooperate with the competent authorities that make up the National Anti-Washing System of Assets; to coordinate with the competent authorities the plans and cooperation for cooperation and exchange of information in the fight against crimes, others among others.

They want to get out of the gray list.

An expert source in the judiciary, who spoke to LA PRENSA on condition of anonymity, is not in this new legislation a motivation, but to give an appearance that they are complying with the international conventions of the United Nations, on the fight against money laundering.

It’s enough to say that Nicaragua is firm in money laundering, drug trafficking and all that and also to see if they manage to get out of the famous gray list for not meeting many requirements, but I don’t see it as for this for internal repression, for that they have another lot of laws that have passed since 2021, the source explained. 

This article has been translated after first appearing in La Prensa NI