Nicaragua considers Ricardo Martinelli a political prisoner

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By LatAm Reports Editor

The Nicaraguan government replied to Panamanian that asylum must be respected as a humanitarian law, in accordance with international law.

The Nicaraguan government reiterated, after knowing the decision of its Panamanian counterpart not to grant Ricardo Martinelli safe conduct to leave Panama, that asylum has been granted for being persecuted for political reasons and finding his life, physical integrity and security at imminent risk.

In this regard, he adds that the granting of asylum to Martinelli is a purely humanitarian issue and is consistent with international law in this area.

While the Panamanian government affirms as a basis for denying safe conduct what is contained in article 1 of the 1928 Asylum Convention and the 1933 Convention on Political Asylum, Nicaragua responds to it with these same international treaties.

“Not recognizing asylum and denying safe conduct constitutes a violation of the Asylum Conventions, in particular article 2, provision 3rd, of the Convention on Asylum of 1928,” said the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry.

And what does this provision say about it?

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That the State Government granting asylum,may require that the asylum seeker be placed outside the national territory within the shortest possible time.and the diplomatic agent of the country who has agreed to asylum may in turn require the necessary guarantees for the asylum-seeking to leave the country, respecting the inviolability of his person.

Another important point that the Nicaraguan government recalls is that under article 2 of the 1933 Convention on Political Asylum, the political qualification of the asylum is the responsibility of the State.

In its rejection note, the Panamanian Foreign Ministry enters to qualify the asylum granted by Nicaragua to the presidential candidate and favorite in the polls for the upcoming elections.

In a conceptual framework, Nicaragua reminds Laurentino Cortizo’s government that political asylum must be respected as a humanitarian law, in accordance with international law and the laws of the asylum-giving country.

And the qualification made by the government of the republic of Sandino is that the asylum to Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal was granted for being persecuted for political reasons.

Finally, Nicaragua reaffirms its respect for international law and the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other States, in response to what was proposed by the Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with regard to the approaches made by former President Martinelli.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Panamerica