Nicaragua Closes Consulates in LA and Houston

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By Marco Echevarria

The Ortega regime ordered the permanent closure of the Nicaraguan consulate located in Houston, Texas, United States. This is the second consulate to close in less than a week.

The consulate is permanently closed. Please read the note at the door. Excuse the inconvenience, read in a statement placed outside the premises.

The information was shared by former political prisoner Medardo Mairena, who said that the regime is “in breach of its obligation to assist Nicaraguans abroad, neglected thousands of migrants/exiles who have been forced to leave the country and who are punished by denying them services.”

The note at the door reports that from January 19, the Houston consulate is your functions – and that for formalities you have to address the consulates of Miami, New York or Washington.

Also the Los Angeles

On January 19, the regime reported on the closure of the consulate in Los Angeles, California. In a statement, the consulate indicated that for consular procedures Nicaraguans should address the headquarters of Miami, Washington and New York.

Photos are seen as they removed from the office, located at 3550 Wilshire Boulevard ST 200, Los Angeles, California, the consulate’s badge.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in La Prensa NI