Nayib Bukele attacks journalists, NGOs and intl organizations in triumphant speech

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By LatAm Reports Editor

In a few minutes, he attacked the media, NGOs and international agencies for questioning the emergency regime.

Nayib Bukele took advantage of the celebratory speech for his triumph in the elections to point to journalists, non-governmental organizations and international agencies. He pointed to opposing the dismantling of democracy lived during his administration, during which the independence of powers has disappeared in practice.

“They say that Salvadorans do not want the regime of emergency, that Salvadorans live in fear in El Salvador. I tell journalists who are now accompanying us, in the safest country in the entire Western Hemisphere, do not believe me, that I am only a politician, believe the Salvadoran people. I’m telling you today in the election. The people not only spoke loud and clear, but they did so in the most forceful way in the history of humanity,” the President said.

In a few minutes, he attacked the media, NGOs and international organizations for questioning the emergency regime, a measure that has already served almost two years in force and has led to the prison of innocent people, some of whom have died in State custody.

“Why do you want to be killed?” Bukele said.

According to Bukele, his party, New Ideas, was left with 58 out of 60 deputies, which has not yet been reported by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). For Bukele, in this way, the political opposition was “pulverized.” Bukele said his party’s is one of victory with the most margin of the “history of humanity.”

“It would be the first time that in a country there is a single party in a system 100 % democratic,” he said, and then summarize the actions that, precisely, irreversibly damaged democracy in El Salvador: the dismissal of the judges of the Constitutional Chamber and the Attorney General of the Republic at the first session of the Legislative Assembly of the Cyan majority.

“They think we would have won the war against gangs with the Sandinian prosecutor, the previous judges of the Constitutional Chamber, without the Territorial Control Plan and without the emergency regime,” he said.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Salvador