Mexican influencer Fofo Marquez arrested for assaulting a woman

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By Juan Francisco García

Fofo Márquez assaulted a woman in a parking lot in Naucalpan and hours later was captured by the State Prosecutor’s Office of Mexico.

On the afternoon of Thursday, April 4, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico reported on the arrest of influencer Fofo Márquez for beating a woman in a parking lot in the municipality of Naucalpan.

Elements of the Investigation Police of the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico, with the collaboration of CONAHO and the Naucalpan Police, arrested the creator of social media content, Rodolfo, alias “Foo,” who allegedly assaulted a woman in the streets of the Colonia La Brisa of this municipality, the authorities confirmed.

The capture of the controversial influencer came due to multiple complaints and the viralization of a social media video in which he is seen punching and kicking a woman in the face.

In addition, several users also shared the images of the woman attacked with her bloody face, who was helped by the people present and revealed her version of the events.

The victim of the attack said he accidentally hit the mirror of Fofo Márquez’s car while parking, so he got out of his vehicle and told him he would call the insurance to fix the problem.

However, the influencer, believing the woman was going to run away, threw three punches in the face and, when she was on the floor, began kicking her.

Seeing this scene, two men tried to help the woman, but were also attacked by Fofo Márquez.

After starring in this embarrassing scene, the Mexican media influencer got in his car and fled immediately.

Fofo Márquez, after his arrest, was transferred to a prison in the State of Mexico and is currently awaiting a verdict for his actions.

The detainee was transferred to the Tlalnepantla Prison and Social Reintegration at the disposal of the Jurisdictional Authority who determine his legal status must be considered innocent until there is a conviction against him, the Prosecutor’s Office reported.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Prensa Libre