Messi to Face El Salvador in Pre-Season Friendly

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By LatAm Reports Editor

The official voice of the promoter of the Salvadoran team and Inter Miami responded about the arrival of the Argentine crack.

The spokesman for MetaShow Entertainment, the promoter in charge of the logistics of the friendly El Salvador vs Inter Miami, Carlos Hernández, told CANCHA that Lionel Messi will be in the friendly in San Salvador.

The news was also reconfirmed by Yesenia Egli, the CEO of MetaShow Entertainment, who secured the presence of Argentine crack and all figures of the American team.

“Every confirmed, the stars are going to be in El Salvador. For us this is a great step to what El Salvador can receive. And the position of having this size and taking advantage of it, in a single game, is very privileged. It’s awesome. Big stars have arrived in the country individually and already retired. Active world stars will arrive today,” explained Yesenia Egli, the CEO of MetaShow Entertainment.

The blue and white match against Inter Miami will be played on Friday, January 19 and will be the debut of Spaniard David Dóniga as technical director of El Salvador.

the selection will not play on FIFA date so incorporating more legionaries depends exclusively on the permission of the clubs.

Since it’s not FIFA window, we can’t call players who don’t have permission from the clubs, we’ll finish it in the week. “I can’t reveal the percentage of how many players in the camp will be out of respect for them but they will be the first to know who will be summoned,” Dóniga said on the final payroll for this game.

The Salvadoran team adds more than a year of not winning official or friendly games, a streak left by the American-Savior technician Hugo Pérez and followed in his brief passage of only 4 games the Spaniard Rubén de la Barrer.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Salvador