Is Melissa Mora on OnlyFans? Instagram Model says she’s used to modeling in her underwear

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By LatAm Reports Editor

The beautiful model and singer Melissa Mora, took several of her followers out of doubt by confessing to them whether or not she had onlyFans.

Meli joined the game of several fammositics when answering questions to several of his followers, that’s why one of them consulted him: OnlyFans? Would you like to have? What do you think?

Faced with this question, the beauty clarified: Is this one of the questions that most often ask me, that if I would open a OnlyFans, and for the moment it is not in my plans, because for me the most important thing is my family and they would not like me to have a OnlyFans,” he said.

The ramonense, was emphatic in saying that the most important thing for her is the union with her family and that is why she avoids being on these types of platforms.

In addition, the entrepreneur, who recently launched her perfume line, said she was no longer seen doing this type of content; however, she detailed that she is accustomed since from a very young age she makes catwalks in her underwear for different brands and that has always seen him as a Breeder and her family understands it.

“I respect the girls who do it, and well for them if they do well, but I personally think not,” he said.

The entrepreneur, in one of the questions, was also asked to show a photo where she was sexy and, although she shared it, said that that stage had also passed.

This clarification of the model is sad news for many of her followers, who have been following her for years and who want to see her succeed on the famous blue platform. (OnlyFans)

The beautiful Melissa Mora took several of her followers out of doubt

Melissa Mora’s followers received very bad news from the entrepreneur.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Lateja