Martinelli: ‘We’re going to a public trial, because I’m innocent’

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By LatAm Reports Editor

He recalled: “I was already imprisoned for two years in a fabricated process, I was twice acquitted. In this process I am also innocent, I seek to disable.”

Bases of Realizing Goals and Alliance, as well as supporters of former President Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, gathered for the second time in front of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) demanding a public trial, that the rights of the presidential candidate be respected and not disqualify him.

Upon his arrival on the grounds of the Court, the former ruler said: “I am innocent have fabricated the case, I demand that the Supreme Court make a public, televised judgment that everyone knows the strictges they have done in that case manufactured and invented.”

Martinelli recalled: “I was already imprisoned for two years in a fabricated process, I was twice acquitted. In this process I am innocent, they are getting me into this case, because they want to disqualify me so that I am not a presidential candidate so that no Panamanian can have a dignified life.”

He pointed out that the other presidential candidates are only thinking that they will disqualify him and that one of them will be president of the Republic.

“I demand a public trial so that the Panamanian people know and decide what these people are doing and because they want to disqualify me, because they want to deny the population a better quality of life,” the former president reiterated.

The presidential candidate for RM and Alliance said: The other candidates do not even serve to get a goat to piss, all they are thinking about is being taken out so that one of them can reach the presidency.”

He added: “This is a political persecution I am innocent, what they want to do is get me out of the political arena and they’re going to have to kill me.”

On the New Business case he explained that: “There are about two or three people who, following instructions from the Executive, are altering justice the decision of 4 million Panamanians who are going to vote on May 5 and do not want and are afraid of leaving the elections, because neither of them nor all together make a good one.

He stressed several times: “What they want is to get me out, I’m innocent. Make a public trial to see if you dare you in court to make a public trial. We’re going to a public trial to get everything that has to come out because I’m innocent.

The president of Realizing Metas reiterated: “I was already imprisoned for a rascal of all these people and we are not going to allow it again. We’re going to stay here until there’s a public trial, because I want the people to know what they see how they’ve manufactured this process.’

For his part, José Raúl Mulino, Martinelli’s presidential running mate recalled that the trial of the New Business case is a process much questioned by prominent jurists, because rigged witnesses were presented, as it was demonstrated that the funds used were lawful.

“In addition to this, the protected witnesses were not present, because they were two or three traitors who lent themselves to be removed from the process,” Mulino said.

Meanwhile the former first lady, Marta Linares de Martinelli, pointed out that all this is an infamy, that they are acting in a hurry to disable Ricardo Martinelli.

“Let the cassation be received and that they are served in order, the people will be vigilant, the people are tired that this country will not change,” he said.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Panamerica