Majority of Salvadorans approve of current government: poll

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

40 per cent of respondents consider the municipal services of their mayors “regular.”

68.28 % of Salvadorans are satisfied or very satisfied with the current government according to the VIII study of Social and Political Humor of the Francisco Gavidia University (UFG).

1,223 people were surveyed of 1,223 people, of whom 21.26 per cent said they were very satisfied with the government; 47.02% expressed satisfaction, while 14.31 % neither satisfied nor dissatisfied; 12.26 % little satisfied and 4.58 % nothing satisfied, while 0.57 % did not respond to the question.

On a scale of 1 to 10, in a 7.80 rating, Salvadorans trust the government. Trust in ministers is 5.96; 5.77 in the deputies of the Legislative Assembly.

“regular” service of mayors

As for the administration of the mayors, 40.96 per cent of respondents said they perceive the services of the commune as “regular”; 33.2 % as good; and 3.76 per cent as very good.

While 17.17 per cent believe that municipal services are bad and 4.91 per cent consider them “very bad,” this is the first study to measure the perception of Salvadorans from their municipalities since the new municipal restructuring that left only 44 communes entered into force.

The study reveals that 6.13 per cent of Salvadorans have been frustrated by politics in the country and 18.56 per cent over injustice.

In addition, respondents were consulted about their ideology and 41.37 per cent said it has no ideology; 20.77 % is considered conservative; 11.69 % right; 11.61 % center; 9.4 per cent progressive; 3.35 did not respond and 1.8 per cent is left-wing.

The study conducted 1,223 interviews with people over 18 from across the country on home-to-house visits. Fieldwork was carried out from 24 June to 3 July 2024.

This article has been translated after first appearing in Diario El Mundo