Maduro denounces US campaign to delegitimize elections

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By Marco Echevarria

Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, denounced Monday that sectors of the oligarchy are financing from the United States (USA) and Colombia conspiracy plans to destabilize the country’s social peace, four of which were dismantled this year.

“In 2023 we dismantled five and this year (…) four conspiracies were dismantled, all financed from Miami by the gringos,” said the Venezuelan ruler in his weekly program Con Maduro.

All five last year and four this year were prepared from Colombia on a secret CIA and FBI base, with former officials, he said.

Do I have the names of the high-level officials who were in the governments of (Álvaro) Uribe and (Iván) Duque and lead the campaign of the conspiracy against Venezuela. “I have them with name, last name, position, everything comes from there, but fortunately, as God is with us, who is against it?” said the head of state.

Maduro: U.S. promotes campaign to delegitimize elections

The Venezuelan president also said that the U.S. government is promoting a campaign that seeks to delegitimize the presidential elections of July 28.

Did the circus begin, the campaign began, there are nerves in Washington, there are nerves in the surnames of the oligarchy, on the regional right. Leave your nerves. Venezuela has the most reliable and transparent electoral system in the world, and what is going to happen between heaven and earth is marked, he said.

He stressed that the far right is behind the campaign against Venezuela, and demanded that these strategies be put to an end to the country.

In Venezuela there will be verifiable, guaranteed and point-based elections (…) Cesen the campaigns, imperialism likes to play ahead, they think they are smarter than us, they always join any campaign that hurts Venezuela, a campaign against the electoral system, against electoral guarantees, lying and in the end what is going to be imposed, the truth of Venezuela, he said.

The US and Europe try to divert the truth from the attack in Moscow

The Venezuelan ruler also analyzed the terrorist attack on March 22 against a concert hall in Moscow, the capital of Russia, killing 144 people, and pointed out that Europe and the US are trying to divert public attention, truth and investigations.

The president pointed out that the opinion matrices intended to impose the thesis that it was a punishment against (President Vladimir) Putin for winning the elections, it was a demonstration that Putin did not control security.

I read all the news agencies, CNN in English and Spanish, Associated Press, said it was a punishment against Putin for winning the elections and that it was a demonstration that Putin did not control security, that is, they unveiled – with what they reported from the United States, with what they published – the intention of the terrorist coup they had given,” he said.

The head of state said that, in the end, the terrorist attack was committed by mercenaries sent to the people of Russia.

Tourism in Easter mobilized more than 10 million people

Ten million 621 thousand 606 compatriots were mobilized across the national territory, the president of the South American country detailed in another part of his program Con Maduro.

He said religious temples were visited by more than two million people.

The ruler explained that the total number of walkers meant that this year there was a growth in tourism, by 12.6 percent compared to the same period of 2023.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared inTeleSurTV