Luxury tourism grows in Latin America

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By LatAm Reports Editor

Cuban analyst, professor and researcher José Luís Perelló today evaluated the growth in Latin America and the Caribbean of the Whole Inclusive of Luxury as one of the current trends in the travel industry.

On its Facebook account, the knowledge publishes on a regular basis, reviews of the situation of tourism at the global level and the results of surveys and other elements that are currently trending on the Planet in this regard.

He added, on Wednesday, details of an article by the president of the Global Business Development and Innovation Group of the Inclusive Collection . Part of World of Hyatt, Javier Coll.

In that document, the executive points to the largest portfolio of luxury resorts all inclusive in the world, that tourism in all-inclusive Premium hotels is a trend that attracts a large number of travelers independent of their style or stage of life.

Latin America is a region that over the years was placed on the Top of Mind (list in mind) of travelers from the world when planning the holidays.

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), more than 700 million international tourists travelled to the region from January to July this year, surpassing the number of travellers by 43 percent during the same period of 2022.

Mexico is considered the country most visited by foreign tourists receiving an average of 38.33 million people, followed by the Dominican Republic with 7.16 million, when then Colombia has 4.40 million visitors and Argentina that received 3.89 million non-resident tourists.

Tourism in all-inclusive luxury hotels is a trend that attracts a large number of travellers, he reiterated, commenting on the figures.

These resorts or resorts differ because they have a unique price covering the accommodation, all meals by renowned chefs, unlimited premium alcoholic beverages and many other luxury amenities, spa treatments, personalized assistance service with daily bespoke itinerary and a unique variety of entertainment options.

Rising demand from the most selective travelers in recent years opens the door to new opportunities and business models for hotel investors.

The keys to making the destination where this type of tourist resort is an attraction are in easy access from many of the main cities of the world, the virgin beaches, the historical and natural attractions, as well as a climate that allows travelers to visit it throughout the year.

That is, the air connection, beautiful beaches, wide spaces and a great culture is what is required and Latin America offers it, but it is necessary to manage to place these countries on the radar of hotel investors and travelers of the world.

To attract various groups of travelers looking for these experiences immersed in this type of resort, the offer is expanded in new markets worldwide, including the search for places to develop in different destinations in Latin America.

In this regard, he said that currently, the highest percentage of hotel reservations located in Mexico, Jamaica, Curaao, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Cuba, San Martín and Saint Lucia are of foreign guests. 76 percent come from the United States, eight from Canada and seven from Europe.

The challenge is to continue to accompany the Latin American industry to promote receptive tourism, which is undoubtedly a great powerhouse of the global economy as it generates income, jobs, contributes to economic diversification and contributes to the sustainable development of each destination, concluded the professor.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Pais