Luciana Martinez favorite to win Miss El Salvador

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After the Salvadoran announced that she enrolled Miss El Salvador, mysologists and beauty pages give her as a favorite to win the title and represent the country in Miss Universe in Mexico.

After Luciana Martinez announced through a live broadcast that she had signed up to Miss El Salvador to compete for the title, missologists and pages specializing in beauty contests give her as a favorite to win the crown and represent the country in Miss Universe 2024.

The young woman said that this is her year, therefore, she will fight to become Miss El Salvador 2024 and thus compete in the 73rd edition of the international competition, which will take place at the end of the year in Mexico.

“I want to go to the Miss Universe. I feel like this is my year, I have to. And my mommy said yes, he supported me with everything. And that’s how I sent the inscription, I did it yesterday,” said the celebrity.

From their confirmation to participate in the national competition, missologists and pages specialized in beauty contests highlighted Luciana’s experience and claimed that she is the top favorite to win Miss El Salvador.

It should be emphasized that Martínez has extensive experience in competitions, as he has represented the country in Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational and Reign of the Café, and in all he has qualified.

Missologians stand out as Luciana Martínez in Miss El Salvador as a favorite. Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image/

So many expect her to give the country the sixth ranking in Miss Universe this year.

The renowned Mexican missologist, Eli Zamora, was one of the first to speak in a video about Luciana’s participation. Zamora said that for him, Martinez is his favorite in this edition.

“Well, I already have my favorite for the crown of Miss Universe El Salvador. This is Luciana Martinez. If you wonder why it’s my favorite, because I always support her, because not only contest at the Miss Grand International, where she qualified, she was also at Miss Supranational where she also qualified… And here it smells like a crown. I feel like you can easily give another classification to El Salvador,” said the Mexican.

Another of those who also claimed that Luciana is the most prepared to represent the country was Juanma Castillo.

“I long to see her compete now, because that crown has to be ALL OF THE YES or YES,” she wrote alongside a video she dedicated to the beauty queen.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Mundo