Italian Somali says BK stole his song, sold it to Netflix

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By LatAm Reports Editor

The morning promises. Have you had breakfast yet? Music producer BK has been pointed out by Italian Somali of allegedly stealing a song from her and selling it to Netflix.

Italian Somali posted on Instagram a snippet of Netflix’s “Neon” series, Netflixwhere you hear the song he claimed is his property and tagged BK.

In the description of the publication, the Panamanian warned his colleagues to “won alive” with whom they record their songs, as there are producers like “BK who steal or take your ideas.”

According to the performer of “La Chumerri,” he took the idea and instrumental of the song to BK and in the end he sold the “full” to the streaming platform, a situation that gives him a lot of sadness.

“(…) they don’t give you anything and not to warn you that your music will come out in a series, that’s sadness, that’s why we’re like we’re, pure hp… crazy,” the musician concluded.

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It is worth mentioning that the series referred to by the musician premiered last year and assured that it is not the first time that BK has been accused by a colleague ofalleged theft.

Last year, singer Jhonny D revealed that Johnny Lopez, the real name of BK, had collected royalties from his songs.

“When I go there they tell me that Johnny Lopez is collecting my royalties as an executive producer, there is a document where he signs noticed that I am the executive producer of all those songs, because at that time I did all those songs,” he revealed in an interview with DJ Winnie.

Regarding this accusation, Lopez excused himself by saying he had not seen Jhonny D’s interview.

At the time of this publication the producer has not yet referred to this new controversy.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Panamerica