Isabella Garcia-Manzo is confused with Kendall Jenner

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By LatAm Reports Editor

Miss Universe El Salvador 2023 turned on Instagram by sharing a selfie where she models, in front of a mirror, a tiny bikini.

Since Salvadoran Isabella García-Manzo participated in Miss Universe 2023, where she managed to rank among the 10 finalists, she has continued to surprise on Instagram. He often climbs that and other platforms, photos and videos that leave his followers speechless. In some of these images you can see in tiny swimwears, with which you boast your slender and enviable figure, achieved from a lot of exercise and diet.

One of the publications of this type shared in recent days on the social network of the camera. It’s a selfie where the 20-year-old model looks like a tiny black thong.

In the photograph, which so far accumulates more than 18, 800 I like, Isabella looks standing in front of a mirror, capturing herself with her cell phone.

The image shown by the Cuscatleca beauty queen caused some confusion. Several followers believed it was Kendall Jenner herself, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister.

And it is that the type of photography and the appearance shown by Isabella in the self-portrait resembles those shown by Kendall in some of her posts.

I thought it was Kendall Jenner, what?, Kendall Jenner? Nah, Isabella García Manzo, are some of the comments of her fanatic.

An avalanche of flattery also provoked another recent publication by Isabella, where she brought out her most sensual and irreverent side again. It is a photograph where there is a careless look, whose focal point is its underwear.

In the snapshot, the finalists for the 72nd edition of Miss Universe, is left to be seen only in medium-hip jeans, revealing its white panty that is of a renowned brand. Complement your styling a tiny top of the same color.

All smiles this new year (all smiles this new year), was the description of it is another photograph.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Salvador