Interpol seeks former director of prisons, Marco Tulio Lima

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By LatAm Reports Editorial Team

The International Police (Interpol), based in France, issued a network alert against the former director of Penal Centers, Marco Tulio Lima, and four other employees of the prison system, identified in the Asocambio case.

The provision was announced this week, although it is dated December 27. The others with red are José Roberto Nóchez Melara Rojas, former legal director of the Ministry of Justice and Security; Luis Alonso Barrera Peñate, former executive director of the same ministry; Orlando Elías Molina Ríos, former deputy director general of Penal Centers; and Flor de María Hernández Alfaro, former employee of the Criminal Centers Directorate.

The five people are accused by the Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of arbitrary acts; The last two are also charged with the crime of embezzlement. The former officials are prosecuted for allegedly diverting money from prison stores to the “Yo Change” Association between 2018 and 2019.

For the same case, the former Minister of Justice, Mauricio Ramírez Landaverde, who held the position of president of the Asocambio, is being prosecuted; Another director was the former Vice Minister of Security, Raúl Antonio López.

Marco Tulio Lima was appointed head of criminal investigation in October 2017. Previously, I’ve served as head of the Sonsonate delegation of the National Civil Police (PNC). Lima was also head of the Anti-Narcotics Division (DAN) of the PNC and also head of the police delegation of Lourdes, Columbus, department of La Libertad.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in La Pagina