INA signs agreement with Ericsson to promote digital skills in Costa Rica

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

INA and Ericsson come together to strengthen the digital age in the country”

  • In order to promote economic development through training and training
  • Providing educational content and access to technological resources, connectivity and new trends

The National Learning Institute (INA) with Ericson launched a General Partnership Agreement in order to boost digital skills in Costa Rica.

This goal creates a partnership to promote collaboration among experts, professionals, students and industry to harness the full potential of 5G technology, thus contributing to the development of talents with digital skills to facilitate the exploration of various use cases and provide tools for digital transformation.

For the collaboration agreement, Ericson will implement, together with the INA, various programs of the Connect portfolio, to Learn, the company’s flagship educational program, whose objective is to support different actors in society to reduce the digital divide and develop digital skills to improve life and improve opportunities for the population and companies, to remain broadly connected.

Such programs, such as Ericson 5G, seek educators to have a deep understanding of 5G technology and thus improve digital skills. And the ultimate purpose of this training is to implement concepts and foundations of wireless communication technology, with focus on 5G, in relevant programs and classes, in order to enhance the knowledge and competences of the same students.

Enriching online content, the program will be held with a cycle of lectures and masterclasses given by Ericsson experts in collaboration with academic institutions. The idea is also to seek the community to exchange dialogue between students, teachers and industry experts on new technologies.

The sessions will be held at the INA facilities from August and will develop training, training, certifications and accreditation for productive, sustainable, equitable and high quality and competition development.

This article has been translated after first appearing in AM Prensa