ICE 5G Tender Will Begin in February

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By Marco Echevarria

The tender published by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) is under way and the next stages are approaching.

In fact, one of them is coming on 31 January, when the request for price improvement by the technical unit is sent, as recorded in the schedule that appears in the Integrated Public Procurement System 

Another important stage in the process is that it refers to the start of the award, which is scheduled to begin on 20 February and by 14 March the final award should be ready.

Then there are the re-judication and revocation processes; firm readjudication is scheduled for May 13.

Then come other steps related to the budget and contract signing between May and June.

Finally, by 9 July, it would be the preparation of an order to buy by the Supply Directorate.

The process

This bidding process has a budget of $124 million and a 4-year period, for the fifth generation network that will operate on the average 2600 MHz band.

In the procedure 2023XE-000023-0000400001 offered the companies Huawei Technologies Costa Rica Sociedad Anónima individually and 3 more with the figure of consortium : ERC . Ericsson AB; GBM Consortium, Mavenir, Contact Sites and Consortium Datasys Group S.A. OSC Telecoms Services of Costa Rica.

According to Sicop’s data, the lowest offer was presented by Huawei with an amount $9,795,893, while the highest was Datasys, Nokia’s representative, with $92,753,376.

This is a special process, with reduced deadlines. In this case the objection to the cartel is resolved by the same ICE and there is no appeal of the final act before the Comptroller’s Office, but there is only an appeal for revocation that is also resolved by the ICE.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in CR Hoy