Haiti extends state of emergency for one month

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

In the face of the increase in attacks by criminal gangs, the Haitian government on Thursday extended the state of emergency in much of the capital, Port-au-Prince, for one month.

The measure was published in the official newspaper of the Caribbean country, for its part, a government source told international media and agencies that “the curfew will be applied according to the needs” of the authorities.

Several armed gangs are engaged in clashes against the authorities of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, whose resignation they demand.

An initial three-day curfew was announced at the weekend, but gangs have continued to attack police stations and other state institutions, while the Haitian National Police struggles to contain violence with limited personnel and resources

On Wednesday night, gang groups set fire to a new police post in an area of Port-au-Prince, in a clear demonstration that they do not intend to stop the spiral of violence in Haiti.

Before the attack on the police station in the Bas-Peu-de-Chose neighborhood, the policemen inside the building had time to abandon it.

Police sources said they were aware that the assault on the police station was planned since last weekend.

In this context, the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights in Haiti (Rnddh) has denounced the Government ' s inaction to deal with armed gangs.

“Today, the facts are clear: government authorities have resigned,” the association wrote in a report dated Wednesday.

“The Haitian people have been abandoned to their fate,” he added, lamenting the absence of police officers in the streets.

According to a count by the National Union of the Haitian Police (Synapoha), since the attacks of criminal gangs began, at least 10 police buildings have been destroyed and two civilian prisons attacked and emptied of their prisoners.

With authorities and schools closed, many residents try to escape violence, while others venture out to get out just to buy the essentials.