Grupos de poder behind attempt to disqualify Ricardo Martinelli

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By LatAm Reports Editor

Ricardo Martinelli, leader for the upcoming elections, has on at least two occasions been the victim of attempts to end his life.

Power groups are behind seeking the disqualification of the presidential candidate, Ricardo Martinelli, for the general elections of May 5, 2024, as denounced by the criminal lawyer, Alfredo Vallarino Alemán.

These groups know that if Martinelli runs in the elections, he would win the presidency of the Republic, something that polls, polls and even journalists say.

Faced with this possibility and not being able to disqualify him, counsel does not

The human rights defender pointed that this possibility that they may try to kill him, he says on the basis of situations that have occurred in the past when the former president faced the case of

On that occasion, when Martinelli was being held at the El Renacer Rehabilitation Center, a venenous snake was placed inside his cell.

“I say this on base. Ricardo Martinelli had an episode in El Renacer, an episode where he was given a snine and there is intelligence information that it was not casual, but they placed it on it,” he said.

On another occasion, the leader of Realizing Metas and Alliance was taken out of a hospital, where doctors said he had a heart condition, so he had to stay in the medical center.’

A secretarial report came out in December where it is stable that missing blade on the file.

Ricardo Martinelli was sometimes found not guilty in the case of the alleged punctures.

“What they are doing Panamanian today is a subject of constant mental torture, where Ricardo Martinelli has shown admirable strength, because another person in the face of all the attacks he has suffered would not endure it,” he said.

Vallarino recalled that the high chances of Martinelli winning the upcoming elections, “is something that has them crazy,” which is why they are doing so much “judicial madness” in a legal process.

“In the case of Ricardo Martinelli the absurdities go to the levels at which people should be on the street. Ricardo has been the only person in Panama who was charged without charge, tried twice, they were put on protected witnesses without being asked, he was violated terms of cassation, violated his specialty, the electoral criminal jurisdiction, etc.,” said the president of the Panamanian Association of Criminal Lawyers.

In addition to this, the former governor is the only one who divided him a file through an amparo of constitutional guarantees, to try to disqualify him.

He indicated that this is not a subject of only Ricardo Martinelli, but on the day they make this violation to him, then they will do so to any Panamanian.

“Ricardo Martinelli gave power to his worst enemy, Juan Carlos Varela, respecting the democratic will, which even today is questioned. All the governments that have passed have delivered power peacefully, this government is writing a page in dangerous history, it is that through a judicial dictatorship, the outcome of an electoral tournament can be altered,” he said.

He commented that if this alteration of the elections occurs, what will be had is a mockery of the

Act in Law

For his part, lawyer Carlos Carrillo referred to the report where it was established that the digital file that was handed over to them from the New Business case, there were no sheets.

To this end, the human rights defender explained that they will urge the examining judge of the existence of this report.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Panamerica