Grupo Poma prepares more investment for Latin America and US

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By Juan Francisco García

Grupo Poma will add this 2024 more investment projects to the broad list of commercial and corporate businesses that extend throughout Latin America and the United States.

The Salvadoran capital conglomerate, which accumulates a 100-year trajectory, is determined to continue diversifying its projects to take advantage of economic items that are having an international upsurge such as the tourism, automotive and real estate sector and that are part of its business offers in which they are seeing the greatest growth.

Have we experienced growth in all markets with our five divisions. Excel, which is our automotive company, has had a significant increase in sales; in the hotel division, occupations have also increased considerably because there is greater tourist and business activity; in the real estate sector, our shopping centers register a greater number of visitors and purchases, while our residential projects are quickly accepted.

Ricardo Poma, president and CEO of Grupo Poma.

For this year, the businessman advanced to EL ECONOMISTA that they plan to expand in the Peruvian market with two new hotels in the city of Lima and that they will also develop a hotel project in Panama and another in El Salvador, the latter to complement the complex of which Multiplaza, Torre Pedregal and the building of the Oak offices that is under construction are part.

And on the housing issue, it will also continue to grow. Without giving further details, Poma said that El Salvador will continue to be a spearhead for more housing projects and that in the short term they will also do so in Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Paseo del Prado, San Francisco Tower and Panorama Tower are some of their latest housing projects in El Salvador.

In the automotive area, they will continue to expand their product offering under the multibrand concept. Currently the automotive division is a concessionaire of 15 prestigious brands in the region.

A new generation

The incorporation of the fourth generation has been important for our development, as it is leading the operation of the divisions with the vision, values and effectiveness that characterizes us,” Poma said.

But besides, much of his success is that every investment decision has been made with great care. Our priority to continue growing is to focus our attention on what is under our control and we can optimize, as well as evaluate every opportunity following the principle of strategic discipline, with a fine gluer.

Their projects are also focused on market trends, which have helped them update their offering and evolve along with their customers and suppliers. “There is always the opportunity to innovate that in which you have experience,” Poma added.

Currently, Grupo Poma is present in 10 countries where 22 hotels, 20 shopping malls and 6 corporate complexes operate. The group has also marketed more than 60,000 homes.

New destinations remain on their horizon, but for now, they will strengthen the markets they already are in. We are always excited about the possibility of expanding to new countries or growing where we already have a presence, and obviously we assess that the environment of socio-economic, political, legal factors, as well as demand, infrastructure, among other conditions, are favorable for investment, he said.

Poma also highlighted the positive impact that the group makes through its social and educational organizations. Have I always considered social responsibility to be a cross-cutting activity to our operation. I dedicate much of my time to the social organizations we lead, including Fundación Poma, the Salvadoran Foundation for Health and Human Development (FUSAL), the Higher School of Economics and Business (ESEN) and Renacer Foundation.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeered in La Prensa Grafica