Government Continues To operate as if Bukele remains president

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By Marco Echevarria

According to the officialism, in order for Bukele not to hold the position, an employee of her trust was appointed.

Government institutions continue to recognize Nayib Bukele as President of the Republic, even though he ordered the Assembly to approve his replacement, to dedicate himself to the electoral contest.

Previously, experts consulted by The Diario de Hoy advanced that Bukele did not need to campaign because he had a whole tie-by-stop that would do it for him. Now, it’s evidence.

Different government institutions and executive authorities have recently shared information through the media and digital platforms where they attribute their work to the management of President Nayib Bukele, when according to the politician, he was going to leave power to dedicate himself to his electoral objectives.

This situation only reflects that Bukele continues to exercise power, established constitutionalist Enrique Anaya.

For her part, the criminalist Marcela Galeas recognizes that it is incompatible with the provisions of the Salvadoran Constitution.

Article 218 of the Constitution provides that public officials and employees are in the service of the State and not of a particular faction or particular policy character: may not be held from their posts to do partisan politics. Anyone who does so shall be punished in accordance with the law, he establishes.

This is reinforced by the Electoral Code, which states in its article 237 that public officials cannot use their posts to promote a particular political party or candidate.

Even so, the Salvadoran Social Security Institute, the Directorate of Civil Protection, the Consumer Defender’s Office, among others, are institutions that in recent publications and statements attribute the performance of their functions to Bukele’s management. This was also done by officials such as the director of Criminal Centres, Osiris Luna.

Press Secretary of the Presidency promoted on January 3 a presonal event of Nayib Bukele, even though according to the politician himself, he has been disassolated from office since December 1.

Civil Protection Directorate is one of those who continues to attribute his work strategies to Bukele, who is the presidential candidate for New Ideas.

State media, such as Channel 10 and Diario El Salvador, continue to rate Bukele as the country’s president.

There is a situation between the legality, legitimacy and discourse they held to justify the candidacy, which was initially mimicted trying to show that they complied with the formalisms indicated by the Constitution, however the same officials clearly manifest directly and indirectly who follows the presidency of the Republic, Galeas said.

Judge Jorge Guzmán believes that Bukele intends to comply with a constitutional requirement that for the politician himself does not exist.

Although art. 145 of the Constitution, which speaks of the reasons why the appointee will be called, and says, or another case, being a candidate for the presidency is not a cause, because it is prohibited by the Constitution, the judge recalled.

The campaign from State apparatus

In the national chain in which the president of the Republic, and also presidential candidate, Nayib Bukele, ordered to investigate the possible embezzlement of funds within the Executive, he said that he did not need to campaign to win the 2024 elections; yet experts in electoral and law matters pointed out by then that the recurrent use of national chains was worth the way of his campaign.

Bukele repeatedly launched other national chains, as in November, when he showed a pre-recorded tour at the National Library restored by the support of the People’s Republic of China.

On the same dates, he presented on a national chain the inauguration of the Emergency Care Centre (CAE) of the Isle of the Isle, even though the country’s telecommunications law determines that the use of national channels is for the nature of national emergencies.

The farce of the designated

The recent mentions of Bukele as the President of the Republic “reflees that the license is a farce,” said Anaya and lawyer Eduardo Escobar.

Last December, the ruling Assembly approved Bukele’s office to no longer be a public official for the six months leading up to the start of the next five-year presidential June 1.

Claudia Juana Rodríguez de Guevara, Bukele’s accountant and former treasurer as mayor of the capital, has served as presidential nominating and interim president of El Salvador since December 1, 2023, as endorsed. However, the decrees establish their role as “designated” by the president – and continues to attribute the executive’s plans to Bukele appointed as president.

All that of the one designated was to try to give the unconstitutional appearance of legality to the unconstitutional process, Escobar stressed.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Salvador