Gaby Moreno showcasess Guatemala’s music and culture on the world stage

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By Marco Echevarria

Gaby Moreno continues to reap successes on the international scene and with her talent has managed to get the world stage to focus on Guatemala’s musical quality.

During 2023, Guatemalan singer, composer and producer Gaby Moreno stood out on several international stages and due to her sound and creative quality, she obtained various recognitions on the international scene.

The national artist started the year with a lot of activity. Last February he attended the gala of the 65th Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, USA. And in which she was nominated in the category Best Latin Rock Album or Alternative with Allegory, her seventh studio album.

In March he stood out at the Guild Of Music Supervisors Awards gala, held in Los Angeles, California, USA. In the U.S. and in which she was ranking in the category Best Song Written and/or Recorded for a Movie with A Song In My Heart, a song she composed and performed in The Valet, a production by Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez. During the gala, Moreno took to the stage and captivated with his voice and charisma.

According to Moreno, participating in world events in which musical work is recognized is a personal and professional satisfaction, because, when nominated and shared with other singers and composers, she obtains experience, she exchanges knowledge and promotes Guatemala’s talent.

New projects

Gaby continued the year with surprises and last May published X Me (Vol.1), an album she defined as a collection of moving and musically rich acoustic songs that have remained in her heart for years.

According to the Guatemalan artist, the production was personal and intimate because it allowed her to show versions in English and Spanish of themes that she selected carefully, her way back to her essence, where nothing else can distract the listener and where she could isolate all the outdoor noise.

In that EP he included Luna de Xelajú with the actor, producer and musician winning the Golden Globe and nominated for the Emmy, “Scar Isaac,” whose collaboration unites the two artists who, through this version, celebrate their shared roots to honor their beloved country Guatemala and their families with a love that merge for music.

Gaby Moreno promotes version of Xelajú Mode with “Scar Isaac.” (Photo Free Press: Diego Contreras)

During the year, Gaby also began with the promotion of two singles that he will include in his next studio album. On September 14, he released Solid Ground, a song that talks about tiredness, uncertainty and the longing for stability, and on December 8 presented Dance The Night Away, a song that celebrates the joy of slowing down and spending time with loved ones.

Both songs will include them at DUSK, a record production that will be released on Friday, February 16, 2024 and will be accompanied by a new tour.

In the White House

The national artist was invited to the White House for her musical career and on October 18 gave a recital during an activity in which the Hispanic heritage was commemorated.

At the reception led by the first lady, Jill Biden, and the vice president, Kamala Harris, Gaby Moreno played Luna de Xelajú, Bolero to life and Perhaps, perhaps, topics with which she delighted members of the Hispanic cabinet, members of the local Congress and some senators.

Gaby Moreno in the White House during an activity to celebrate Hispanic heritage. (Photo Free Press: Courtesy Gaby Moreno)

Another Latin Grammy

Last Thursday, November 16 Moreno stood out during the 24th edition of the Latin Grammy because she was decorated with a new award.

The awards awarded by the Latin Recording Academy recognized the work of the Guatemalan artist, who was awarded in the category Best Traditional Tropical Album because, the album Vida of Cuban singer Omara Portuondo was the winner, a musical piece in which Moreno was the producer.

Gaby received the award and thanked Omara for the trust she placed in her and for allowing herself to be fully involved in the production of the album.

The Guatemalan artist filled her admirers, colleagues and family with joy, because, a decade ago, on November 21, 2013, she won her first Latin Grammy in the category Best New Artist.

In November 2013, Gaby Moreno became the first national to receive an award from the Latin Recording Academy. (Photo Free Press: Keneth Cruz)

Immediate plans

According to the Guatemalan singer-songwriter and producer, in 2024 she will present her new album and promotional tour in which she will perform her new songs, the versions she included in X Mí (Vol. 1), EP with which she is nominated for the Grammy in the category Best Latin Pop Album, whose ceremony will take place on February 4 in Los Angeles, USA. U.S. “I’m looking for the place to hold the usual Festival in Guatemala, as well as organizing the tour to promote the album Dusk,” Moreno said.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Prensa Libre