Former DPI chief arrested on brinery charges

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

The former head of the Police Investigation Directorate (DPI) in Intibucá, Walter Sandoval Pérez, surrendered to the judicial authorities on Tuesday after an arrest warrant was issued against him for allegedly demanding an L100,000 bribe from a detainee. 

The case dates back to 10 June, when IPR agents irregularly raided the home of an inhabitant of the village of Carrizal, in the municipality of San Miguelito, without a court order.

During the raid, the officers, allegedly on arrest by Sandoval Perez, searched over weapons and then arrested one person.

The victim was transferred to the police headquarters in La Esperanza, where he was asked for the sum of L100,000 in exchange for his release. Faced with the inability to pay the full amount, the detainee offered L50,000 and, after making the payment, filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

This complaint activated an investigation by the Technical Criminal Investigation Agency (ATIC), which culminated in the arrest in flagrante delicto of two police officers involved in the case. Coordinated efforts included research and strategic support teams, as well as special operations and communications.

Walter Sandoval Pérez will now face his accused hearing. He is accused of participating in the crime of bribery. 

This article has been translated after first appearing in Tunota