Ferry Connecting El Salvador, Costa Rica Shuts Down

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By Marco Echevarria

The company Marina Intercontinental S.A. (Marinsa) reported on Tuesday the indefinite suspension of the operations of the ferry that connected Costa Rica with El Salvador, according to the Costa Rican newspaper La Nación.

According to the information, the suspension would have been confirmed by a person from the Marinsa company, representing the company Blue Wave Corporation, owner of the vessel.

The ferry, a project that took several years to materialize, began operations on August 10 and connected both countries through the port of La Unión Centralamericana, located in El Salvador, and the port of Caldera, in Costa Rica.

As part of its operations, the company indicated that the ferry would have two weekly trips with the intention of moving cargo more quickly by sea.

However, the ferry was making only one trip a week in October and the second, according to Michael Volks, executive director of Blue Wave Corporation to the media in El Salvador, would be made according to the lawsuit.

According to the La Nación media, the high operating costs would have led to indefinite suspension.

The Blue Wave Harmony ship, BBC World reported, would have a 667-kilometre round trip, which would take between 16 and 24 hours.

And inside the boat could travel about 100 cargo transports, which would pay between $1,145 and US$1,360 per section, depending on the size of the vehicle.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in La Prensani