European ambassadors meet with Mulino; call for transparent elections

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By Juan Francisco García

Italy’s ambassador said: “The European Union and Italy are always on the side of democracy. That’s a very important message.’

The ambassadors of 10 European countries and the ambassador of the European Union met last Thursday with the presidential candidate of Panama for the alliance of parties Realizing Metas and Alliance, José Raúl Mulino, to learn about their vision of international relations and their priorities for Panama.

Ambassador Fabrizio Nicoletti indicated that for the European Union and Italy it is important that Panama has free, transparent and democratic elections.

“The European Union is meeting with all the presidential candidates. The European Union and Italy are always on the side of democracy. That is a very important message,” Nicoletti said at the end of the meeting with Mulino.

He indicated that the Panamanian presidential candidate spoke of all his projects “and we are very happy. We are very happy with the exercise of democracy that is done in Panama, in the free and democratic world.”

The presidential candidate, José Raúl Mulino, is reiterating to the ambassadors of the European Union that in his government they will have on their side “a friend willing to collaborate in an open relationship.”

For her part, the Ambassador of the European Union, Izabela Matusz,He said as representatives of European countries are watching the Panama election process. “The European Union is, of course, watching, looking at what is going on, analyzing properly; but the electoral process is in the hands of Panamans,” Matusz said.

He noted that during the meeting with Mulino they were able to discuss his vision of international relations and his priorities for Panama.

“We have touched on a number of issues in relations with the European Union and Panama, and its member states. In a very open way, we have talked about everything that we are interested in their vision of politics,” said the European Union ambassador.

The meeting with Mulino was attended by the Italian ambassador, Fabrizio Nicoletti; the ambassador of the European Union, Izabela Matusz; the ambassador of France, Aude De Amorim; the ambassador of Germany, Joachim Schmillen; and the Ambassador of Spain, Guzman Palacios Fernández.

Also participating in the meeting with Mulino, the Portuguese ambassador, Goncalo Teles Gomes; the ambassador of Greece, Efthymios Efthymiades; the Ambassador of Poland, Joanna Zakrezewska; the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Sander Cohen; the Ambassador of Belgium, Daniel Bertrand; and the Ambassador of Hungary, Nikoletta Kovacs.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Panama America