Electoral Tribunal Approves President Bukele’s Bid for Reelection 

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By LatAm Reports Editor

The electoral body of El Salvador, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, has officially authorized President Nayib Bukele to seek a second term in the upcoming elections, notwithstanding the apparent constitutional restrictions against consecutive terms. This green light arrived just a week subsequent to Bukele’s registration for reelection with the New Ideas party. The Tribunal’s endorsement was unanimous, with four affirmative votes and one abstention.

The announcement was made via a social media platform, where it was confirmed that both President Bukele and his deputy, Félix Ulloa, are eligible under current legal stipulations to participate in the February 2024 presidential race. President Bukele responded with enthusiasm to the Tribunal’s decision, highlighting the absence of dissenting votes in his favor.

In a further display of unity, the Tribunal also cast a unanimous vote endorsing the candidacy of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, a traditional leftist faction with roots in the nation’s historical civil conflict.

Despite being expelled by the FMLN in 2017, President Bukele has since enacted retributive measures against party affiliates, removing them and their relatives from public office. While the nation’s Constitution bars consecutive presidential terms, a 2021 interpretation by the Supreme Court of Justice opened a legal pathway for Bukele’s potential reelection, arguing that the matter should be determined by voters.

Polls predict a robust lead for Bukele, buoyed by his administration’s aggressive anti-gang initiatives, which have notably reduced crime despite the controversial suspension of certain constitutional freedoms amid a protracted state of emergency.