El Salvador and Nicaragua have high approval in the Americas

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By Marco Echevarria

According to the most recent international public opinion study called “Approde of the Management of the Governments of the Americas” for the first four months of this year, Nicaragua ranks second after El Salvador (84 percent).

It is followed by other nations such as Uruguay (55 per cent); Mexico (53.1); Costa Rica (50.7); Guatemala (48.4); the Dominican Republic (47.0); Paraguay (37.3) and the United States (35 per cent).


Similarly, the discharge of the Government of Brazil is also 35 per cent, Canada (32.0); Argentina (29.5 per cent); Ecuador (22.7); Honduras (22.6); Bolivia (22.3); Chile (21.4); Colombia (20.2); Panama (7.7 per cent); and Peru 3.2 per cent.

The survey, whose technique used was the telephone interview, noted that 80.2 percent of Nicaraguans questioned considered that the Sandinista Executive leads the country in the right direction.

Regarding the perception of citizen security compared to the last five years, the poll showed that El Salvador and Nicaragua rank in the region’s top two positions with 88 and 79.1 percent, respectively.

On the expectations of the population about the economic situation of the country for the next 12 months, on a scale whose maximum is 10, Nicaragua has the lead with 8.50, which means that the people surveyed consider that this scenario will remain the same.

Analyst Xavier Díaz-Lacayo told the press that Daniel (Ortega) remains the consequent leader of the continent by remaining faithful to nationalist, constitutionalist and sovereign self-determination ideals in the conduct of public policies in favor of the human being, particularly the most vulnerable.

The recognition given to him by Nicaraguans for this function leads the Latin American opinion ranking of the peoples regarding their presidents in three elements: the situation of the country and the hope for security policies, followed by economic, financial, monetary and exchange rate policies, he stressed.

He added that the Sandinista government retains the course attached to the national human development plan in the element of the modernization of installed capacity and technology in a cultivation of values for society with emphasis on revolutionary ethics.

This artice has been translated after first appearing in TeleSurTv