Death toll from floods in Brazil’s south climbs to 148

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By Juan Francisco García

Brazilian authorities reported Monday that due to the rains plastering the south of the country, 148 deaths, 127 missing and 806 injured.

In the most affected region, Rio Grande do Sul, at least 147 people were reported dead, and in the state of Santa Catarina a deceased.

According to the latest Civil Defense bulletin, the rains and floods have spread in Rio Grande do Sul affecting 447 municipalities of the 497 and about 2.12 million inhabitants.

Authorities have had to house 80,826 people in schools, gyms and churches, while 538,241 are in family and friends’ homes.

On the other hand, rescue work involves 27,651 firefighters, military and police with the support of 4,405 patrols, 41 aircraft and 340 vessels, which have led to the rescue of 76,470 people and 10,814 animals.

The level of river waters, which had already begun to decline, has risen again and it is believed that the situation in the south of the country may worsen, as further storms are expected in the coming days with precipitation, cold and strong streaks of wind.

The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Ufrgs) predicted that the water level of the Guaíba River, which flooded much of the historic center of Porto Alegre, can reach the historic mark of 5.5 meters in the next few days if the rain continues.

The municipalities in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul have been affected by new floods due to the flood of the Taquari and Caí rivers that dragged the bridge that connected the cities of Caxias do Sul and Nova Petrópolis.

Intense rains in Rio Grande do Sul. In the mountainous region they fell 200mm in 24 hours.

They overflowed the Cai and Taquari rivers and Guaíba can reach a record 5.5mts. with an impact on the capital Porto Alegre. One person died from the alludes.

Nacho Lemus (LemusteleSUR)May 12, 2024

The maximum alert is maintained in the municipalities located on the coast of Lagoa dos Patos, where all the waters of Guaíba flow, and where the water level continues to rise since last Thursday causing floods in cities such as Pelotas and Rio Grande.

Brazil’s president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, announced that due to the serious floods in the state of Rio Grande do Sul he decided to postpone his trip to Chile scheduled for Thursday to meet with his counterpart, Gabriel Boric.

O Brasil está unido pelo Rio Grande do Sul. O Governo Federal não mede esforços para salvar vidas e auxiliar na reconstrução do estado. Já está em ação uma força-tarefa para levar recursos essenciais para socorrer vítimas e cuidar das famílias gaúchas. #ForçaRS

Lula (Oficial classroom)May 12, 2024

According to media, Lula da Silva could visit the region again this week, where thousands of people have had to leave their homes.

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