Daniel Ortega Calls FTA with China a “lifesaver”: frees us from any sanctions”

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By LatAm Reports Editor

Daniel Ortega in his speech on Wednesday, December 20, during the cadet promotion event at the University of Police Sciences, launched a message of rejection to the United States, while he said China is a reliable friend of Nicaragua.

The dictator also glimpsed that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China will be a lifeline in case the United States cuts trade relations with the regime.

“This (the FTA with China) is a strategic, strategic step because it frees us from any sanction they want to apply, as requested by the sponsors there in the United States, where they insist that they take us out of trade anymore,” Ortega said, referring to trade relations with the US, which is Nicaragua’s main trading partner.

Do we have a Free Trade Agreement with a nation that has been developing in an exemplary way. If all the powers that are instead promoting wars, military occupations, terrorism, had the practice of the People’s Republic of China, which has been linked to the developing peoples, in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, developing relations without political conditions, Ortega said.

Blame America. U.S.

Europeans and Americans let the fascism that is installed there in Ukraine become extinct. And President Xi Jinping has also made extraordinary efforts, many meetings to end the policy of genocide, terrorism against the people. Because without the weapons of the United States, without the U.S. ships there, the ammunition of the United States, Israel would simply not be committing the crimes they are committing, he emphasized.

According to Ortega, the man responsible for the deaths in countries at war is the United States, which has joined that brutal and cowardly aggression, he stressed.

Ortega said world powers, such as the United States, are panicking countries like China, which benefit sectors in the economy’s growth.

Praises to China

The dictatorship says the Free Trade Agreement with China will be part of a fight against poverty.

There is no country, neither in Asia, nor in Africa, nor in Latin America where China has launched a triquitraque, only cooperation, solidarity, the fight against poverty for the well-being of peoples, what they have panic (the imperialists) is economic development, technological development, science, the speed at which China is growing and that has grown, which is already moving to occupy the first place in the world as the most powerful economy it shares with the developing peoples,” he reiterated.

In addition, he said that no one will be able against China, because he has been marking a behavior of a power that does not disrespect any developing country. And that the capitalist countries, developed, warriors logically try to attack him. China, of course, has the authority, strength and the right to say, not here. “He didn’t mess here,” he said.

The dictator added that the United States must learn how to govern. Let the imperialists learn from the earth how to work for peace, referring to China’s work.

Ortega mentioned the talk he had with Chinese President Xi Jinping and said he had invited him to visit China.

Police awards

Daniel Ortega granted the position of commissioners general on Wednesday to 19 accomplices of his regime.

The act of promotion of cadets of the University of Police Sciences was presided over by the first commissioner Francisco Díaz Madriz, director general of the National Police, dictator Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

The number of officers promoted to that senior rank has grown excessively since Ortega returned to power in 2007. On 8 September this year, the regime added to the list of promotions to 33 officers during the 44th anniversary event of the National Police and days later in the Gazette announced 19 new senior commanders, to whom the promotion event was held so far.

The promotion to commissioner-General of the National Police was granted earlier for seniority, merit or order of priority, but since Daniel Ortega took control of that institution, these appointments are distributed without limitation. In this year alone, 52 commissioners have been appointed general.

Those promoted to general commissioners are: Zaida Matilde Pineda Arauz, Yanet del Socorro Largaespada Sánchez, Roxana Carina López Guevara, Reina María Arauz Herrera, María Lorena Orozco Sarria, Hilda Murillo Silva, Urania del Carmen Montiel, Luis Amalia Echavarría Orozco, Yesenia de los Angeles Loaisiga Avellán and Ligia del Carmen Valtorano Quintero.

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Also Domingo Antonio Cedeño Mondragón, Mario Jesús Garmendia Moreno, Denis Germán López, Francisco Javier Téllez Páramo, Fernando Javier O.Conor, Farle Isidro Roa Traña, Félix Antonio Martínez Vallecillo, Iván José Escobar Ramírez and Luis Rosendo Gómez.

According to the decree published in the Gazette, Official Journal, the Commissioners-General will join the co-handles of the male and female, of the natiodnal specialties of the National Police. We serve our people as the National Police with joy and pride, recognizing that the victorious protagonist of all roads and routes of work, security, stability, peace, joy, prosperity, is the great Nicaraguan people who honor us from their communities with their trust and recognition,” Rosario Murillo read during the event.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in La Prensa NI